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Greetings, Letalis Caelestis is currently looking for players to fill teams with, we are looking for ALL ROLES... which we will use for practicing, ranked games, scrims and potentially tournaments. Some teams will need a team captain who can also be a player on the team, if you are looking to captain and recruit players for a team look no further! The players we are looking for must be Gold+ and have experience with the game itself and being part of a dynamic, communication and teamwork will be essential. You're also required to: Working microphone (we use discord only) English speaking 16+ years of age Take constructive criticism Also, we are looking to expand our teams so if you are a player who mains another role and still wants to be part of team style gameplay we can help to create another team with you in it. If you are interested then feel free to join the discord (link provided above) or you can add me or the other owner in-game: DaRsnn / NoXG Cheers for reading, we hope to have you with us! {{sticker:galio-happy}}

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