Alpha Sydney LF Team Manager[/img With the new season around the corner, Alpha Sydney is looking for someone to fill the position of manager. This position will have the candidate managing the team roster and assisting the coaching staff by managing practice schedules and working closely with the players. **This position will be paid once the team reaches and is accepted into OPL.** Responsibilities - Setting up Practice Schedule - Acquiring Scrims with other organisations - Hosting weekly meetings with Coaching staff for feedback of players Requirements - Must have an understanding of Pro Scene in OCE - Able to communicate with players, coaching staff directly - Passionate and dedicated to the job Previous experience is not needed, however is highly preferred for the application. To apply: Please email **_contact@alphasydney.gg_** with the following information. Name, IGN: Age: Previous experience either in the role or the Pro Scene: About yourself: Thank you all and good luck!

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