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hello there, truth blue are looking for a gold+ jg, gold+ adc and support (preferably one of them being a shotcaller) that is willing to join the ranks with myself and cinderhulk to participate in ranked flex, scrims and local small tournaments (alongside the AGFA) as these are our short term goals, we obviously aim to improve our chemistry, communication and overall synergy, with the intention of ranking up and slowly entering bigger tournaments. this would therefore imply that we are not looking for ragers, quitters or people who are not willing to improve in the long run. we are both available everyday but practise/scrims times will be at least 3-4 nights a week (this can be discussed if it does not suit). i hope to hear from you so that we may get some trials done, cheers, dangeR ps ingame name is either dangerrlad or yes im danger - so add me there
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