[I2G] Looking for Players for Improvement Team

Good evening all, Today I present to you an offer - one for players that are serious about improving. I'm looking for Silver - Low Gold players to improve together as a team, looking at quite a demanding schedule of games and internal scrims on a weekly basis. Essentially, for I2G teams, there are 6 tournaments a week right now (that I'm aware of), all on different days. I'm looking to provide a streamlined improvement experience to be as efficient as possible. If interested please PM me on Discord with: - Main/Secondary Roles. - General availability times. - Current rank. - Previous competitive experience. Thanks all! Discord - Zed eS#1194 _**EDIT - We're still taking applications for all positions but priority is searching for mid and top laners, if you're either of those and interested to play, let me know! Add the Discord above.**_

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