Looking for SoloQ Duo Partner S9 (Plat)

Hello, currently looking for a duoQ partner, i am a jungle main with a small champion pool of Evelynn, Kha'Zix and Rengar. Looking for someone who is determined and actually is serious about climbing and not just playing for fun. Looking for preferably a Mid player (but open to any other roles) to help skirmish early crabs and follow up on invades or getting invaded. for season 8 i prob played 5% percent of my ranked games playing with a Duo, so i generally just play for myself in games cause i know i can carry if i get a lead. My Goal for the start of Season 9 is to hit diamond and progressively move up ranks during the season and i definitely feel i am capable of earning the rank even if i play only by myself. A bit about myself: Male, 18, Studying a university, play very little variety of games (mostly League). Good Traits: - Carry Material. - Know how to abuse leads. - Usually pretty Consistent. - Play very often and always keen to improve on my play. - will tell a player to fuck off if they are talking shit to you x. (like everybody has) Bad Traits: - Some Define me as "toxic" but i'd rather honest. - If I don't have good synergy with you i prob will not continue with our duo.
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