Looking for a Duo Partner in Silver.

Need a support main team mate in Iron/Bronze.
Hello guys, I am planning to be a Jhin one trick already have 70k points so not very new at him I also play Jinx and Ashe in adc role and I am looking for support main to duo in ranked. I am hard struck Iron 1 started ranked only a few days ago.
Hey guys. I finally reached silver yesterday it took me 20 days after my first post. I am proud to say that I have climbed from Unranked to Silver in 1 month. In my last post, I have said that my target was silver but that was just because I thought it was gonna take a while for me to reach silver. My goal was always gold. I have given up on adc although I met good support main through that post, he became inactive and I have had a break from adc for a while and when I tried to play jhin recently he seemed weak... So, now I am thinking of playing top/mid until I reach gold. I am not looking for a particular lane for the duo. I just want a duo partner who is confident and who wants and thinks he/she can reach gold before this season ends. I am confident I can play all lanes so the auto fill is not a problem for me and even in case I feed, I know how to get carried and my priorities. Here is the link to my op.gg https://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=Gamer%2015%20YouTube Add me in-game and tell me you have added me through boards once you come online. its obvious but I play adc and sup as well so if you are looking a duo partner in either lane still add me. See you in Rift. Good Luck {{sticker:vlad-salute}}

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