ReVamp Rivals - Looking For Diamond 4+ Jungler

Interview Application for ReVamp Esports
Hello and welcome to ReVamp Esports! ReVamp's mission is to grow the organisation to not only be a League of Legends based organisation but also have CSGO and Overwatch teams in the near future. We are wanting to stand out and announce ourselves to all of Australia and hopefully soon be one of or the biggest organisation in OCE.
We’re looking for a dedicated player, regularly active and wanting to improve in a toxic-free group of similar aspiration. To apply for the position follow the link in this post and fill out the application. I will personally message you on discord once I go through your application to sort out a trial time and go from there. Team: Rivals Position: Jungle Rank preferable: Diamond 4 + Can't wait to hear from you all! Feel free to message me on discord Britney Senpai#8534 if you have any questions! {{sticker:sg-lux}}

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