Fantasy Esports is Recruiting

Fantasy Esports is looking for an ADC starter and versatile subs. This team is a serious team and will have scheduled training, tournaments and Ranked 5v5 games. We are looking for players who are high plat and up. Our current roster is Top - Bestthreshasia ( Diamond 5 ) Jungle - Aeri ( Diamond 3 ) Mid - n.a ADC - Edward elric Support - Mr Fundamental ( Diamond 5 ) Substitutes are Stay bronze ( Diamond 4 ) If you are interested in joining Fantasy Esports please Answer these questions and i will add you accordingly to discuss details with you in game, or add me and we can sort it all out there thanks 1. IGN ? 2. Role 3. Top 3 picks 4, Availability 5. Sub or Starter You need Jesus - manager of Fantasy Esports
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