Making plat+ serious team

Hi am looking to make a plat + serious team to start this week, we have most roles filled but need subs and a mid. All players should preferably 18+ but if you are mature we can let u in. I myself will be managing/coaching as I want to play as little as possible because I no longer enjoy playing, but still enjoy the game, as we start out I will be filling roles necessary and when all roles are filled I'll be moving to managing/coaching. I am looking for this to be an active team playing at a minimum 3 days per week. Also we will be using Team-speak for our voice coms, I plan to try another program out to compare in a couple of weeks time, but for now it will be Team-speak. Could you please fill out this form if you would like to trial or add me in game and send me the completed form. Name: IRL first name: Age: State: Top two roles: Top 4 champions in each of those roles: Rank: Availability: Good luck and will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. ~zPONYv~

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