Recruiting Ranked 5 Team members for Serious Play

Hey guys, I have decided on starting up my own ranked team, as I have had many previous experiences with ranked teams and want to start getting serious in the ranked 5's side of the game. I am 17 years of age and am currently scraping the borders of Gold and have been in approximately 4, ranked 5 teams. I have great knowledge in the area of teams and working together to achieve the goal of victory. As I am taking this seriously, I will be having schedules in which games are going to be played, practice sessions, and general team meetings which will be occurring every week when possible. I will be wanting the members of the team to be able to play at least 10 games per week. So the team will be consisting of high silver to high gold (Silver 2- Gold 1) To show that you are interested and would be willing and dedicated to join the team, I'd happily ask if you'd fill out a short application and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. IGN: Age: Main Role: Favourite Champion: Rank: Curse or Skype: Length of time you could dedicate to the team p/day: What hours suit you best to play: A bit about yourself and league experience: Once I have accepted your application, I will notify you from in game and go from there! Thanks, Sir Jazza
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