LFM S1-G1 for Tournament (stay-at-home online), OCE

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The Twin Spirits / / Lv. 37
Looking for Silver 1 - Gold 1 players for the **B****ronze-Gold Premade 5v5 Tournament** (held by summoner's society) on the **27th and 28th of February.** More details: https://battlefy.com/summonerssociety/summoners-society-february-bronze-to-gold-5v5/5a1e659027334d035d4661a9/info?infoTab=details _**Prizes: 8000RP**_ for the winning team _**+ Triumphant Ryze**_ for all winning team members I'm creating the winning team for the tournament. If you're interested, please message me or comment below your: 1. Rank 2. Main role/roles 3. Main champ(s) If you aren't willing to be a cooperative team player or you aren't willing to discord chat with mic, don't bother. ~ACE

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