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Hello, we're the **famous** ant boys we once dominated the oce bronze to gold scene going undefeated with a record of 26-0. We are now making a comeback to dismantle the iron to plat scene. What are the requirements to join the ant boys? -The main team will be Platinum+ -Have a mic -Be willing to cooperate with fellow ants -Willing to try new things and get out of your comfort zone What if I do not meet the rank requirements? Here What do you get out joining the ant boys? -Rp from the wins -Family -**Semi**-professional management -Cheeky banter -4 to 8 Scrims a week Note: If management is unable to get scrims we will be playing flex together (= What roles are we looking for? -Toplaner -Adc -Support -Managers -Subs for all roles Am I required to make my profile picture an ant and change discord name? It's not mandatory to change your profile picture and discord name but if you do you will be **admired** and be given a role for your loyalty to the colony
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