Looking for a casual team!

Hello there! I used to play this game a lot with a few of my mates but they've moved on to Counterstrike and we all know how terrifying solo q is. I was wondering if anyone would be up for some casual norm/aram games? I main mid, specifically Annie (trying to get into LeBlanc and Lux mid as well), but I'm also semi-decent at Renekton and Rek'sai top. I can support as well, and I used to main support back in s4 but now I don't really support unless I'm premade and in skype with the ADC. I'm unranked at the moment and I haven't played ranked in over a year because my internet was too unpredictable and would cut out for a few minutes randomly but it's fine now, although I'm not too keen on ranked but when I did play ranked I was B1. This is just a casual team, and I'm up for new things or fun team comps like a Freljord or yordle team. My duo buddy mains jungle but he's also not bad at top or support although usually if he doesn't get jungle we'll just duo bot. If you'd like to play with me feel free to message me! I'm pretty laid back and if you think I'm awful at the game don't hesitate to tell me, perhaps even give me tips on how to improve. Lemme know if you wanna join and I'll probably respond within a few minutes because it's the school holidays and I have no life because it's either too hot or too cold to actually do anything at all so thank you New Zealand weather.

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