Iron-Gold GGLoL Mini 5v5 Tournament

Iron-Gold GGLoL Mini 5v5 Tournament by Gaming Gurus
This is the Mini GGLoL Tournament! We are only looking for OCE competitiors (sorry NA :c) to come join in on our Iron...
Greetings! It is I, Dishonored Fox, one of the great tournament organisers for Gaming Gurus! Following the GGLoL, we are hosting a mini Iron - Gold OCE tournament on June 15th at 3pm. Games will be Best Of 1 except for the finals which will be Best Of 3. There will be streamers for the tourney with the occasional light commentary. For more details follow the link via battlefy for more details such as team conditions, rules and check-in periods on tournament day! Thank you so much for reading and we hope to meet some of you fellow gamers there! > Contact us via discord to receive the join code ^^

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