Coach with slight experience looking for a team.

Hello, I am TKNS Diamond and last season I was Platinum V in Solo Queue. Teaching and coaching has always been one of my passions, along with League Of Legends, so I thought, why not combine both to fulfil my dream? First of all, I am not looking for any OCS or OPL team (not like you'd want me anyways). If you're looking for a god coach who can put you guys into the OCS/OPL, then like, you're not getting it with me. I'm just looking for a semi-serious team with a proper roster and maybe a training schedule to play. Now, on my experience as a coach and player. I am the former Support of The Knights e-Sports (now disbanded), a semi-pro team which has achieved the following: 6th in CyberGamer Open ladder 4th in Vertex Gaming Tournament 1st in OneVOneNZ tournament (Yes, I do have Triumphant Ryze) I am a coach on lol-coaching, and I have 5/5 reviews by three players (going up quickly0 who I absolutely adore teaching. Teaching is my passion, like I said! What can I do for you as a coach? As an experienced support and manager of a team, I know exactly how coaching goes in teams. A coach should: - Be punctual - Have a passion for coaching - Have a high understanding of the League Pro Scene - Have high game knowledge - Have the ability to understand the weaknesses and strengths of a team - Be able to have the ability to improve with drills As a player of a semi-pro team and a passionate coach, I believe I have all the qualities it takes to be a good coach. What team am I looking for? I am looking for a semi-serious team which has a stable roster and a schedule of training so I know what times to attend. I am not willing to join a team with troll Bronzes - I am looking for a serious team with true ambitions but just need that coach in order to really improve. What am I looking for as a coach? As a coach, I am only asking that the players and managers, etc give me respect and listen to what I have to say. I am not looking to be paid - I am willing to do this for absolutely free - no cost. I just enjoy coaching and am looking for that opportunity to start. If you are interested in having me, feel free to post a comment with a bit about your team. I would like to know your roster, your ambition as a team and why you want me to coach you guys. I would like a bit of a blurb on your team as well, just some extra information. Additionally, you can add me on league at TKNS Diamond. I look forward to coaching your team! EDIT: Since this post, I have now found a team. However, still feel free to add me if you wanted a session or anything of the sort - always happy to help.
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