LF gold/plat Duo partner - read description // Oceanic

Tibx - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
Tibx / Gold 4 52LP / 411W 396L Win Ratio 51% / Katarina - 57W 56L Win Ratio 50%, Nidalee - 9W 18L Win Ratio 33%, Pantheon - 10W 15L Win Ratio 40%, Braum - 8W 13L Win Ratio 38%, Orianna - 11W 9L Win Ratio 55%
Jungle main, can play top or mid. champion list: 63% winrate preseason elise 66% winrate trundle 56% winrate katarina 83% winrate nidalee --- usually play ap champions top first season playing league looking to grind out wins and have good synergy. -- previous semi-professional world of warcraft player just looking to practice getting good at a game with more money in it :P open to constructive criticism, coaching, role swaps, champion swaps etc tibx#4374 tibx https://discord.gg/nZevcs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6z87Lp8tav8fojDo2i73g?view_as=subscriber ps my youtube ^ just for a bit of fun Bio 18 years of age, male, Australia funny, humorous ready to learn respectively. dont really flame or tilt looking for a person to duo often or temporarily join my discord whenever if im not in a game lets play!
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