LFM to start a rank team plat+ fill the requirements

Our original post is this link http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment/EoBnqulE-lfm-to-start-a-rank-team-plat-fill-the-requirements Take note from out last post we have a main group but still like to recruit tryouts are harder and now if we arent satisfied with the profile outlook then we can waste time giving a tryout due to team being so active but ill still be holding them try out if u are keen and the team is starting to get serious in who we want to play with and who is more deserving of what roles Just like to refresh the post fill the requirements OR U WONT BE ABLE TO TRYOUT OR BE TRAILED below all roles but support are open Ing Solo que rank Do u have discord How often do u play What role do u main What champs do u main Would u consider that u have adopted the meta right now Have u had experience in a team before and how long Are u toxic What would u consider a bad score or game for u Op.gg list your 3 best kda Also leave a reason y u have decided to search for a team
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