Jungle Main Looking for Like-minded players

I am looking for someone with the same playstyle as me, who is in Bronze or Silver. The following is my playstyle and if you are the same, please add Kooconut on Oceania server:** 1. 95% of the game I am silent and won't type anything. (I will only ping) 2. I either ping something once, twice, or 3 times. 3. Sometimes I will type "lets group mid" or "back". 4. Every time somebody on our team makes a mistake, I type nothing. I simply don't care. 5. Sometimes when I make a mistake, I type "sorry" or "my bad", even though I actually don't care. 6. If we get a few early kills and are ahead, I will sometimes type "funny" things to the enemy team in ALL chat. 7. I prefer to group with 1 or 2 others (2-3 man premade). I don't like being in a 4-5 man premade. 8. I prefer to take a tower instead of Baron or Dragon. 9. I never encourage my team to do Baron. 10. I play champs that are weak in professional competition games. 11. I prefer to spam a single champion.
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