Casual Support Main looking for an ADC to try ranked with!

**Hey all!** I'm a **support** player looking to give ranked a shot. Thanks for reading this, so here's what I am: **Rank:** Bronze I *(Just been placed)* **Role:** Support **Main 5 Supports:** Janna{{champion:40}} Tahm Kench{{champion:223}} Soraka{{champion:16}} Alistar{{champion:12}} Braum{{champion:201}} *(There are others, this is just a Top 5)* **Strengths:** - Can match my playstyle to that of my ADC *(eg: Aggressive, Passive, Inbetween, etc)*. - Good at warding. - Tilts occasionally but never rages or blames other peoples for own mistakes. **Weaknesses:** - Map awareness is in need of some work. - I'm sure there's more, I just need to find a situation where it's tested. If there's any further questions, feel free to add me in-game and message me, or leave a message on this board and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! PS: I am on OCE, not NA anymore.

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