Alpha Sydney is looking for players in all roles to compete in the 2016 LoL OOL Split 2! Alpha Sydney is looking for players in all roles in League of Legends to compete in the 2016 Oceanic Open Ladder split 2. Alpha Sydney is an eSports organisation currently being represented in; League of Legends, Overwatch and Rocket league. Managing teams in some of the highest levels of competition, we have a lot of experience and would like to help develop new players in the Oceanic Open Ladder for them to achieve their potential. What are we offering? - Coaching and analyst services. These will be both in OCE and international assistance for the players in all aspects of the game. - A structured and positive learning environment. Working with our main roster team, we will be able to maintain a positive learning and competitive experience for the players. - Exposure. Both in game and out we will assist you in all things related to social media, streams etc. - Apparel. All apparel plus other team benefits will be offered for all players. If you are interested please apply through:
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