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: It looks to me like both were macro responses (pre-written). These are used often by tier 1 (first contact) support since they answer the vast majority of queries. While I can speak in certainties given you didn't provide your first ticket, it seems the agent missed the fact you were banned for scripts (instant perma) the first time around and so gave you the macro intended for players who were punished for chat or gameplay toxicity. When you replied and clarified the ban was for cheating he gave you the macro you should have gotten in the first place. There is no scenario in which a legitimate scripting ban will be removed, but people still try to argue them despite the entirely unambiguous nature of the offence, hence the strong language. If you feel the ticket wasn't adequately addressed, you can reply to it and it should push it up to tier 2 support (who always give custom responses). You'll usually receive a survey via email a couple of days after your ticket is closed through which you can offer feedback as well.
It seemed like I wasn't getting anywhere from the start, It was obvious that my ban was not gonna be reconsidered but just thought I could try and see, maybe learn more about their terms of service and all. Thank you for the advice <3
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