Meddler (NA)
: Seeing Annie support some of the time's not personally a concern - I think it adds some interesting variety to laning, team comps and champ select. If Annie's only played as a support though that would be a problem we'd want to adjust for, ensure she still feels useable as a solo mage as well. Not currently concerned about that, given the changes add power to Tibbers rewarding Annie's with solo lane XP to get ult ranks quicker, will definitely keep an eye on her post patch though.
Thank you very much for your answer :)
Meddler (NA)
: What we're currently looking at (note this is experimental, so could well change tomorrow) is slightly lower resistances on Molten Shield, with Tibbers also getting the resistance bonuses as well plus a brief movement speed boost. One of the big goals there, in addition to balance changes, is to make casting Molten Shield a bit more interesting and add a bit of extra depth to how you micro Tibbers.
Hi Meddler sorry for intruding on your AMA but I needed to respond this comment. 1st of all, many greets for creating Lissandra and Elise (please buff Elise to a lane mage again T.T). Their themes and playstyles are surely on my favorites. I simply love them, so fun champions to play along with great concepts. I'm hoping you to see more awesome concepts made by you, as well damn fun to play (Avé Ziggs!). 2nd, I already thanked you before, but on behalf EuW community, thank you so much for listening the feedback when doing some changes like you did about Urgot. We were feeling a bit step aside on that time, and that surely put smile on us, thank you so much. And no Xelnath, you weren't forgotten :P Now onto the question I was talking about, I've read you're testing changes for Annie since DFG was removed. Surely she probably will need some help, but aren't you concerned that she will return to the problem she was on S4 start as support? Specially after the nerfs to traditional supps like Sona? I think this is a very delicate issue. Cheers, and hope you're having fun with your AMA!


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