: I also rock the dark candy (since 2012), and although I only ARAM for the last few years, I used to main middlesticks (or jungle hec) when I still played rift. Fiddles gave me my first penta ever (a solo 1v5) back in season 2 (I didn't play season 1), so I'll always <3 him. The donger kill at about 2:15 is great. WTF is riven doing at 3:30? Editing was great, soundtrack was spot-on, A+ vid.
I used to play a lot Fiddlesticks in season 2 too, one of the first champ I played ! But never get my penta with him :P Actually for Riven, I guess it was a bug of the camera, but still, I have no freaking idea ! Your words pleased me a lot, so thank you for this kind message !
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Lunä (OCE)
: i thought is was very funny except the bard attacking the tower bit, that was a little bit over the top and not funny ^^
Thanks for the feedback ! And for talking about what you disliked too, it's really useful ^^
Fitzky (OCE)
: Hahaha that chick talking about Annie being complicated had me laughing. So sad hahaha. Also, EUW gameplay LMAO
Yeah, EUW isn't the best place for plays, but at least we can all laugh between buddies xD
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: Subbed and loved, that was the good shit. keep it up bud
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Nightjar (OCE)
: currently adding nautilus and janna to my mains, they're almost there I just need to get a little bit better with them before I can call them mains (I main sup/fill so I have a large champion pool but I don't consider a champion my main unless I can carry with them and guarantee my performance regardless of lag or the quality of enemy lane opponents, so I actually have very few champions I would call mains) also trying to learn graves, khazix and braum better, and maybe if after time I still find them fun, maybe work to adding those to my mains. Also looking to buy sejuani, leona, brand, victor and talon after having alot of fun with them during various free weeks over the last few months. The Ip grind may take a while but I'll get there... so long as I don't get distracted by the prospect of another rune page.
Mid/supp there ! Actually i don't play Nautilus that much, but after playing him, he's a good pick too, with a good peel AND a good engage :P Actually none of them is a 6300's champ, then that will be easier than if you wanted Aurelion, Tahm and Bard :P (But Tahm and Bard are really funny, you could try them)
Nightjar (OCE)
: as a Mastery 7 Zilean (though currently trying to learn a few other champs) I thoroughly enjoyed this. Subscribed. It sucks how nobody will let you play him in bronze or silver though. Teammates threatening to report/ban you pick/afk/run it down mid, simply because you want to play zilean support or mid really sucks. Zilean is actually a good champion... or at least korea thinks so and I don't think I've ever done badly on him.
I totally agree with you, I already got someone who told me that "Zilean is bad at this elo (aka Silver)", but damn this champ is strong, he just requires to not be too greedy. You have poke and strong utility What other champ you're training on? :D
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Lol nice video. Those dodges on the Xer/Jhin ult though sooooo good
Oh, thank you, I just saw your answer (thought my video didn't pass on this board :P ) Thanks for the feedback !
Natan96 (OCE)
: Aurelion Sol Skin Idea
Dude, everybody think Rito needs to give Aurelion a Dark Star skin, i can't remember how many concept of that i saw before, that will happens ! :D
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: Nice skills... How do you do bits like at 2:09?
Thanks ! Actually i did each part of it on GIMP (yeah, too mainstream to use Photoshop :P), the 4 kinds of score and the background
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