: Personally i thought URF was great when it was yearly, but turned crap with the rotating game mode because a meta appeared. With ARURF this doesn't occur, and while it's not always the best, it's better than being forced against teams with only OP picks, when your trying to dick around and have fun.
I'd rather have meta than rng that decides who instawins.
: Hey guys, I'm back, and just on a status update, my lateset game was; guess this; 16/5/5. For someone who was posting on boards about how bad they were, i'm pretty sure that is really good. I was playing Ashe ADC. Thanks a lot guys, this has been really helpful
KDA doesn't tell anything. You could have just last hitted enemies 16 times while your team carried you, is what I am trying to tell, there's a lot more to every game.
: Except the OP doesn't seem interested in buying runes or getting a larger champion pool since he sticks to the same few champions; he wants to do well in his matches and become a better player.
Lol, runes are mandatory part, everyone has them, and if you don't, you automatically are behind right from the start of the game. Might aswell remove them from the game, they are one time money sink, though you still need to buy at least standard ones.
: Yes; reaching level 30 is only a good thing if someone wants to play ranked, get more rune slots, or play against better players - it is obvious that the OP is not interested in any of these things. And although distributing IP earnings across two accounts isn't ideal, it is much more important for a player to learn the game properly and at their own pace.
Yeah, but with all that IP he would get by not listening to you, he could buy more champions and have fun, and also buy runes, not just waste time over 2 accounts, level 30 isn't just for ranked.
Boogie (OCE)
: Regarding low priority queue
kodakZ (OCE)
: The issue that I have is that there isn't enough emphasis on playing Co-op, for people playing champs for the first time. The Co-op games don't have a jungling bot. So it sets an unrealistic situation to start with. For new players. Co-op is the way to learn basic mechanics, and when they feel confident enough - can progress to normals and ranked eventually etc. The main issues I've seen from my experiences, consist of people who play 1 lane, get abusive if they don't get the role they want and then throw the game. 20 minute surrenders can be quiet drawn out. I think there needs to be a 30 second window at the 10 and 15 minute marks (or one or the other), in the instance where someone manages to reconnect. but then shortly after the /remake function is unavailable, disconnects again - due to no fault of their own. Having the ability to ban champs in normal games, will also help people who havent played rank before, with that transition. Unfortunately - there's almost an unwritten ''law'' on attitudes played by specific champions. Sounds silly? 95%+ of the Yasuo's I've seen are the saltiest, most toxic underskilled players I have seen. Followed closely by riven, zed and blitz. So what do I think can be done? - 2 games played per champion in co-op prior to being eligible to play in normals. - 30 second window to surrender at 10 and 15 minutes into the game. - selecting the role you wish to play before queing - to reduce instalocks. -Less QQ more PEW PEW I've also noticed that since the hextech system has been introduced - the majority of solo queuing players, play less of a team game, chase kills in the hopes of getting S/S+ for cubes. I'm unsure on what could be changed to redirect the focus to team work, as its a team game. However i do feel that something needs to change. Maybe it's what makes you eligible for an S/S+.. Anyway, I'm sure that I have forgotten to mention heaps of stuff. So I'll leave it at that for the mean time. But will add onto it as I think of stuff.
Ideally, whole team should get reward regardless of how they did, if they managed to get someone fed, basically managed to protect their carry or someone just got fed, instead of allowing it only in premade teams... That way they would care that at least someone gets S, instead of trying to get it for themselves.
Miicka (OCE)
: This just goes to show how much people dislike Nexus Siege.
Actually I liked it, mainly because it's fast just like most game modes. Normal just got boring, and ARAM at the start is even worse, that's without the fact that I have to kill myself to buy items, I can be 9/0 but my enemy who is 0/9 will still easily win next fight, unless I literally fight in a way where we both always die, it's just not fun.
: its not fascism to ask in a polite manner to stop being harassed for money is it?
1. That's called blocking; 2. You have no reason to buy anything for anyone unless you want to; 3. That's called blocking, I would understand you if it was in person, as in real life, not on internet, now I just don't get what problem you have to simply block him and move on; 4. "OMFG NAEM AND SHAEM LELE XD REMOVE IT IT'S NOT ALLOWED HEHE XD"
: I wish more of my games are like this. But I'm surprised that you can still win with a very toxic team that does their own stuff and nobody likes each other.
Nothing to be surprised about: Apply some common sense, realize that amount of toxicity does not affect amount of skill in any shape or form. Bronze I toxic player will always be bronze I toxic player and diamond I toxic player will always be diamond I toxic player (until they get banned hehe xd)
Erøse (OCE)
: You just have to get used to it or maybe you can search some Videos up about how to change your in game league of legends crusor. However, I do not recommend doing it because sometimes changing the files inside the riot's folder can trigger a scan system or some crap like that and the system would interpret that file change as a third party program thus causing a ban. I know some people who got banned just cause they changed their HUD skin folder.
TL;DR You can get banned for everything, just don't do anything and you most likely probably won't get banned.
: I advise creating a second account to play simultaneously. This way, you will gain more experience (literal real life experience, not in-game 'level-up' experience) before you reach higher levels and go against better players. I was a slow learner too so that was what I did up until about level 20. Be aware of 'botting' though, in which people use computer AI's on low-level accounts purely to level-up the account. Also watch out for 'smurfs', which are players who have high-level accounts but create a low-level account to play against worse players. And if you really want to improve, you can watch videos of pro players. You don't need to worry about understanding what they do or say; you will learn a lot from simply watching them.
So basically you suggest him to not reach level 30 that fast and lose like 50% if IP, okay?
Arkangyle (OCE)
: Try to avoid falling into the trap of rating your entire performance on your K/D/A. If you're a top laner who only gets 2 kills but successfully split pushes and takes out 4 turrets and an inhibitor by yourself, that's probably worth more to your team than an extra couple of kills. I play support a lot, and even if I end up with zero kills and less than 10 assists (which happens a fair bit), if I get some deep warding in, consistently save my carry and win lane, and help my team set up for and claim mutual objectives like dragon & baron, then I'm going to call that a win. EDIT - I've recently created a smurf account, I'll add you on that (CousinYeti). I'm not pretending to be an expert at this game but I should be able to help you pick up on possible areas of improvement.
I'd like to know where "my kda matters" comes from, because it pisses me off.
LegitSir (OCE)
: Toxic players, nothing being done about reports against them
Yeah, probably that's why my account on EUNE is permabanned, because riot does nothing about toxicity to protect kids from me, who are at least 10 times more toxic than I am. Right? Stop crying.
: Black Mailing Me Over Nothing
1. You don't even know what blackmail is; 2. >[5:36PM] _name removed_: u gonna gift _name removed_ yet he emailed riot and they said u could get temp banned for false gifting or somting I am 101% sure you didn't even ask for genuine screenshot where someone from riot stated that, because it's not true, you can't "fake gift". P.S. Prepare uranus for SJW's "OMG NAMING AND SHAMING HEHE REPORTED XD HAVE FUN WITH REMOVED POST"
Nightjar (OCE)
: Blind him and walk away, kled's main damage source is his w, so if you blind him after he activates it, he can't use the increasing damage per hit of it, effectively neutering about 60% of his damage and it's on a long cooldown whereas blind is not. I said teemo but maybe not because the majority of teemo's I see just don't understand how to play teemo and you only counter him early as teemo but lategame he will kill you, yeah maybe not teemo then.
Well I never played against kled (except in special gamemode, so doesn't count lol, shrekt him with adc), so wouldn't really know. Though late game teemo means that if kled hits a shroom, he has to back, because as far as I know, he can heal only to the point where he has max hp himself, without his pet or whatever that thing is. EDIT: yes, I was right, he has to back every time or either waste time farming jungle, potentially hitting more of teemo's shit, and even then, mount comes back only with 80% hp.
: Apparently op.gg says my MMR is 1,049 now—after losing a few games. It was at 1,080 when I was getting these Silver games...
Well neither I, nor anyone else really knows how MMR is actually calculated, everything is approximation, so I have no idea.
: Welp, I guess its to stop people from getting out of Bronze easily to show that they actually belong in said rank? Because I feel like I NEED A LOT to improve on since I can't win any of these Silver games.
That can mean only that you might belong in higher rank, since you probably won many games before. The more you win in smaller amount of games, the more your mmr rises or something like that.
: Well it's bothering me, now I'm losing games...
Just remember that ideal winrate is 50% and that MMR (which you can't see, but can find approximation on internet), sometimes gets higher than your actual rank, and that means you, as a bronze, will get matched with higher players, in some bounds of course, you won't have to deal with gold/plat, unless you climb, lol.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Teemo yasuo trynd jax veig syndra fizz zed. Anything that can block his w, is mobile enough to dodge his q and e, can out tank his damage in trades, goes invulnerable or can outright burst him, things like veig can easily kill skarrl, then because he is so squishy without skaarl they can literally 1 hit him, eq veig literally needs to his qr and then w where kled will land because he cant dodge it or anything because of the .5 sec cd on his spawn (after landing), his stun also stops him using e and stuff. Syndra's (and other prolonged effects like fizz w or zed r) will last through the dismount and can kill him before he even lands. Aka, mobile champs, assassins, and burst mages, tanks with enough damage to win a trade or auto attack blocks can easily fight him and win, but champions that are really squishy and need a window to kill him usually lose, so most adcs do usually die to a kled unless they are a bit tanky, have a damage buff (like jinx will lose most fights unless she has her q pre stacked) or is a late game, full build kog.
Teemo gets fucked by anything that can jump on him.
Nightjar (OCE)
: I would suggest not vayne, definitely not vayne. If you want to counter kled, you need someone with ranged poke, lane bullies, good sustain, non-mobility cc (blinds, supression, knockups), tankiness and dueling potential. My suggestions are sion, moakai, teemo, cho'gath and basically anyone along those lines. Kled excels at killing squishy targets with his high mobility, enhanced aa's and the extra tankiness skaarl gives him to allow him to go all in. Tanky targets like sion can generally win all in duels with kled if he has comparable health and with the heavy zoning and poke sions' ranged abilities give him, kled has alot of issues picking the engage and winning the fight, not to mention if kled can't win by enough of a margin to keep skaarl, he's going to die from sions' passive. Teemo can shut down kled's main damage source with a well timed blind and the cd means that kled won't be able to outtrade the classic toxic shot damage. Anyways generally kled is good against squishy mechanically difficult champions and bad against mechanically simple tanky duelists. So pick Sion, Teemo or Cho'gath. (I would also suggest cho'gath as a good counter to riven, fiora and yasou since he's tanky but does alot of damage and the aoe silence is a pain in the ass for any champion that relies on outplay)
> Kled excels at killing squishy targets with his high mobility, enhanced aa's and the extra tankiness skaarl gives him to allow him to go all in. > Teemo can get countered by high mobility and damage, because anything that can jump on teemo, will fuck him over any day.
: How to counter Kled? Don't die to him. He is more useless than Aatrox in late game teamfights short of a speed boost. Any effective peel nullifies everything he is made to do. Not to mention being deceptively squishy despite having two health bars. Kled only becomes a problem if you feed him 5 kills before 20 minutes. Otherwise, he is a splitpusher, skirmisher and duelist at best. Sure he can drop your squishies 100 to 0 with just a Black Cleaver, but he has to get to said squishies to do so. Kled is actually pretty weak when compared to other fighters, all aspects considered.
Don't forget that heals only affect his "lower health" (actual health bar, not shield). At least that is for soraka.
: > [{quoted}](name=tbonelewigi,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=vAOs67NJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-09-06T07:36:16.485+0000) > > I think Vayne does Find me something that % health true damage doesn't counter and ill be impressed xD
Teemo. As long as he has pink ward/red trinket and does not get stunned. EDIT: now that's ironic, because pink ward/red trinket counters teemo.
Arcsecond (OCE)
: Kled is countered by high burst damage or kiting such as Kayle or Akali. Fiora and Tryndamere work well too due to Fiora's outplay potential and high-sustain, and Tryndamere's ability to out-sustain anyone in a duel.
Unless you have CC, high burst won't do shit. You need to be able to burst through his "higher hp" or shield, then immediately CC him after he jumps off, or he will escape/kill you.
ckgames (OCE)
: Fizz too good sometimes?
Fizz is cancer, I used to play him, you get fed? Just roflstomp botlane. You get shit on? Just roflstomp botlane. Then do whatever you want. And if you really care about kills in bots, I'd suggest uninstalling this game, just because nobody wants to see a wanker spamming "omg ks give me kills", because once you move to PvP it will get only worse.
: Um, someone explain?
That's pretty normal.
AceAkali (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Icy Spectre,realm=EUW,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=j947l6EB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-04T15:39:17.581+0000) > > Yeah, because your skill is directly tied to your behaviour. > > That's why tyler1 was always bronze V. and he still make more money than ur entire Family
He also can take a joke, because he's not bronze V, but thanks for ruining the joke.
AceAkali (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Icy Spectre,realm=EUW,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=NFF9vEdl,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2016-09-04T16:23:47.793+0000) > > Tell me more how you won't want to have rapist have his dick cut off after someone you know gets raped. > > You obviously will just say "shit happens" and move on, right? u comparing rapist to this mate go to high school again plz, also don't let me see u in public else ur gone Fkin worst kind of human being u r, fkin guy what u know about fkin rapist and what happen to those who suffer so STFU before using such kind of words peace or sh.it
You are the one who should go back to school.
AceAkali (OCE)
: Mate my 2 accounts got banned but I still have 3 more accounts, the only reason I am so pissed of bcoz troll people are still able to play as well as feeders, but people who want to learn more but they are toxic due to having trollers+feeders they are the only one getting banned So yeah RIOT is FK*n Useless
Can confirm this, I purposefully tried to ban myself by not saying anything in chat and completely ruining the game for half a year, guess whether that account is banned or not.
: > [{quoted}](name=Damocracy,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=NFF9vEdl,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-08-26T03:46:45.889+0000) > > This community and riot believe you are not to stand up for your self. It's the same in schools, if you get bullied and smack that kid back you get the blame. > It's the same as blaming a rape victim. It's the mentality that you are not allowed to get yourself into trouble with others that have troubled you. This whole mentality needs to be change. An eye for an eye isn't standing up for yourself, it's stooping to their level. **Your** mentality needs to change.
Tell me more how you won't want to have rapist have his dick cut off after someone you know gets raped. You obviously will just say "shit happens" and move on, right?
: When we bastardise the name of Jesus, can we please use "Jebus", as actually appeared as a 'misprint' in early editions of the bible. Not Jusus, which is just crude. By the way, although baptised, I am not a Christian. I accept Jebus as a prophet, not as the one true son of God and savior of mankind.
No, you call him Jizzus Crust, or you gtfo.
: > [{quoted}](name=trolledallmylife,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=HeEZuvWN,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-08-27T10:21:35.012+0000) > > Best thing to do is uninstall this cancer + ebola + aids of a game now! > > Riot won't ever do anything serious to remove toxicity in this game as long as they are making money! > > Takes 10 sec to create a new account even if u get banned. > > Unless there is perma ip ban, nothing will change. Your name suits you well.
If you downvote, he automatically wins.
: No loot because was reported?
Yeah, because your skill is directly tied to your behaviour. That's why tyler1 was always bronze V.
: The mute mechanic
You know, it's called not reading the chat, right?
dslxk (OCE)
How about instead of wasting time banning people who told you to get cancer or kill yourself, we explain to butthurt SJW's like you that it's internet and if words over internet from a stranger affect you, you have more serious problems than the person who actually told you to kill yourself? I'd suggest visiting a doctor. Because "omg he said mean word, report him plsss" is the only childish behaviour I've seen on LoL.

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