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: His theory is correct. You shouldn't compare your grade to people in the same game playing different champions to you. Your grade is based on how well you do as a champion in a role compared to other people playing the exact same champion in the exact same role. Heaps of jax junglers = really hard to get an S as heaps of people play him and do really well Barely any illaoi mids = relatively easy to get an S as she isn't particularly meta and mid is an off lane.
want to have a word with me, you know what lets use have a 1 v 1 and i am going to play a mid laner or off laner as you put it and lets see how long you SURVIVE. saying mid lane is a off lane pisses me off its not a off lane its probally the most important lane in the intire game as well as the hardest. top you can only be ganked from one side the bottom making it easier to see ganks and avoid them. jngl you are playing against bots and 1 person but you rarely see them unless you decide to counter gank or run into them, bot lane you have a buddy that can save you. mid lane nope no such thing 2 sides to get ganked from a wider lane harder to comeback usealy playing against champions that can snowball after 1 kill yea its really off lane(hint its not) also i would like to add that everything i said is my opinion i dont mean to be offensive but you cant assume mid is a off lane like come on man.


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