: Hope this cancer champion get deleted IMMEDIATELY
: or a human pyromancer would be nice too, maybe they're saving that for a beginning skin for Brand though? o.- Like Kass
: he kind of reminds me of random cosplayers you can't tell what they're going for, i thought he'd be full on inferno since it's holy light + a guy on fire already ya know????
ahahahaa, i thought that too kinda, he even looks like he has water on the head when he's a fire dude... wat
: I mean if Riot were to realise it they would have her bust poking out and probably remove the stockings
Nightjar (OCE)
: we camp Yasou because on average a Yasou player is more likely to be tryhard and get toxic if we do it enough. Eventually either the Yasou or one of his teammates will afk because he is toxic, and arrogant, unlike other champions in this situation, he will still be pushing up and not playing safe, making it easy to just keep camping him.
Understandable :P
: One can only dream though :( I do want that skin though still.
: Legit, id add a slight curve to talons Q and R blades, and I guarantee you id buy the hell out of this skin if it makes it to the store. And If that does happen, I hope the original creator gets a good chunk of the income. (Though, to be fair, I freakin love Talon and want ALL his skins)
Like Riot would do something like that LUL
: Please be aware that custom skins are a very much use at your own risk type scenario. While Riot does not punish the use of custom skins, they are classed as third party software. In the event you use a skin with something else that could constitute cheating (usually unintentionally), or if Riot ever decides to change their policy (they will warn players before doing this though), you could face a permanent ban on your account.
Yes thanks, good points Will leave this here as a safety thingy aswell for people that see this post: https://voxskins.com/safety/
: https://www.google.com/search?q=mobile+legends+modena+butterfly+ingame+model&safe=strict&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiEjOa0p_bfAhUJOSsKHZSdCycQ_AUIDigB&biw=1280&bih=698#imgrc=FbEVzPWdADr02M: they literally just took the model and splash art for a skin for the character Miya from Mobile Legends.
apparently yeah, still looks nice though
ThatsBS (OCE)
: Do you work for them?
For now I'm just a video creator, I'd love to get into skins one day though. But I've been following these skins creators since mapskins, then wadskins and now voxskins, you can trust the links and stuff if that's what you're afraid of :D
: Wait wait wait, so you're telling me that people have found out how to make custom skins even with that WAD thing that supposedly killed them?
Oh yeah! All the old skins are somehow being bring back to the new website: https://voxskins.com/ It's actually INSANE the work they're doing, skins from LeagueCraft, MapSkins... Oh boy
Lushfuul (OCE)
: I love this skin so much, it looks so amazing. I would love to be able to purchase this and use it in game.
You can use it in game without purchasing it :P Check description of the video and the video explaining how to, on the channel! :D

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