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: your using your internet through your phone....if you havent figured out already what the problem is just by saying that then you should really rethink computer gaming. live far away from town. problem number 2. most out of city towns cant or stuggle to get fast internet like fibre. # " I've been playing for almost a week before patch 6.22 was released and the game was running perfectly with an average ping of 50ms using my phone." uhh ping has nothing to do with your download speed. #" My computer is a laptop msi GT80 SLI. "# ok cool, what does your laptops gfx card have to do with internet speed?.... o man you really should not be playing video games.
I've just asked for some help on solving my issue. I love video games and ain't gonna stop playing cause I love travelling too. I'm a back packer and right now I've got my work here so there's no point for me to go in town and spend more money on fuel. My internet connection is not the best browser but isn't the worst either. I even mentioned that the download speed is not that low since I already tested it using the Brisbane server.about the useless infos I gave out is just cause that way you can have all the details I've about my situation and so someone that actually want to help me can have the infos they might need out of that. Thanks for your "help" tho. Have a good day man. Edit: the msi gt80 sli is not a graphic card but ,as I said,is the model of the laptop.
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: Tanks Dealing Damage So FUN!
Mine isn't really a complain about tanks dealing damage but I find "weird" a full ap champions like cho and malphite dealing so much damage while still being so tanky. Would be like seeing an assassin full tank and still be able to kill everyone except tanks. Luckily I don't see it that often anymore but there's been a time where I always had a full ap cho either in my team or in the enemy one. Cho gat is the one that always made me thought like there's something wrong with him cause in late game I could see a full ap cho with 3k+ good armor/mr still 100-20(and some cases100-0) with a rotation almost anyone,just full tanks surviving.


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