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: From what I've played so far its: -6 nobles/phantom or dragon -4 or 6 Glacial/dragon/shapeshifter/wild -4 imperial/phantom/dragon -4 demon/void/3 assassin, -6 Assasin/knights or void or phantom (depending on if you stacked kass or mordekaiser early or if you have garen/darius/morde - you can also add kindred with morde for phantom) This one is sketchy cause it depends on if you can snowball with level 3 assassins early. -4 Wild/shapeshifters/dragon These all mostly depend on how well you build early and transition into the late game. The safest is wild/shapeshifters/dragon due to the nidalee + warwick start into an easy shyvana + gnar transition with asol for late game. Adding in ahri for the last wild is my reccomendation.
oh thank you dude! i am total noob at this game so appreciate tips :p
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: ATM it relies too much on RNG, especially regarding items. The champions pool is random but at least you can adapt to it or reroll. The main problem is that the amount of items you get is random. You can get from 0 item per monster/CS killed in PVE rounds to 2 items per unit killed (maximum I've seen, but it may even be possible to get more). As long as riot doesn't implement limits to it, they can't seriously make it a ranked game mode. The best case would be that everyone gets the same amount of items from each PVE round.
wth lmao that explains why enemies have so many items and i dont
JinHae (OCE)
: Its all strategy which someone like myself loves. Yes it is partially luck based if you get completely shafted by items. But if you're willing to be flexible and constantly adapt then you can often place top 4 pretty easily. people seem to forget sellback on champions return 100% value and often stick with a team comp they arent getting champions for. However some tags like noble and pirates are just god aweful, if they were a little better then it wouldn't feel like you were getting unlucky.
: Yea. It's a luck based game. It's supposed to be. It's not exactly supposed to be testing your mechanical skill or anything.. Theres enough different strategies with combining class traits and items, champ choice and positioning, but there is a lot of luck. I don't really see a problem with that. Aren't pretty much all card and/or board games luck of the draw?
what does different positioning do my champs just jump at random places of the map when game starts
: I'm confused too. The game mode is boring AF. What is rito smoking?
not sure if boring but there's so much luck in it its a simple mode with rewards so people can use it to detilt
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rito are scambgs

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