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: Meddler, Lead Champion Designer Q&A
Hi! What were you exactly thinking when you designed Gnar? Transformation system is odd. I mean, it feels like a champion that will never be able to be in a good spot in competitive play because it is too unreliable and easy to counter, and if he was picked that would mean he is way too overpowered. He is pretty fun to play though :D Also, I heard riot would consider designing champions with a similar transformation style. I thought it could work for a support!!! I mean, mini gnar can have crazy kiting and dmg while being small, and be a massive tank that provides CC on TFs... Which makes gnar hard to build and predictable and avoidable on TF. A support which can't control transformations (I was thinking about the transformation changing after X seconds automatically, although other mechanisms could also work). I believe it would create very interesting laning phases and curious gameplay, because you would be able to give him a strong kit with many solid skills. I mean, imagine you gave him a similar skill to thresh lantern or blitzcranck hook! both bot laners would instantly change their playstile aaccording to transformations. And both teams interact with the mechanic! ( teams would decides when to be agressive/play safer/coordinate ganks...). About the actual champion, you have infinite possibilities... I was thinking in maybe a darkness-light theme or anything related to opposed elements, maybe Q being one AOE heal which reduces the radius and increases healing of the skill over time in one form and reduces resistances in the other one, for example
Meddler (NA)
: "Bullrush, where you got MS and flung anyone you moved through (multiple times, charging bull kind of deal)" Man, that was a memorable playtest. I recall one team fight near dragon, where Naut ulted and ran back and forth, juggling 3-4 of us in the air for about 5 seconds until we all died. I still wake up screaming occasionally...
o_O You have to make that happen!!! Maybe for another new champion kit? or doom bots 2.0?


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