: How to Azir???
>no skill burst damage Mad because bad.
: When Made to Support
Holy shit how many games as Garen do you want to play? Also I hate it too, especially when I tell the team 5 times "I don't play support so I will be terrible".
andyMak (NA)
: my skin is gone :(
Open a ticket with riot support and find out what happened. They can generally track this, and if you paid for it, they'll have it in their system that you spent the RP, so they'd just give you the skin again or the RP back lol :P
: Ekko Hype! :D
{{champion:67}} I smell black magicks.
andyMak (NA)
: help expand my champ pool
Graves is a great champ to start ADC'ing with. He's got a relatively simple kit (get up in their face, blow all your CD's, auto them to death, dash away), and rewards both aggressive and passive play in the laning phase. I would also say Varus is pretty good too, as you can simply rely on Q to poke your lane opponent to death and he has a stack mechanic that's pretty easy to work around. Work on Ahri and Ziggs in the mid lane. They're the two most competent champs of what you can play at the moment. Focus on Riven and Wukong in top lane. Riven is your smashy face assassin/bruiser hybrid, wukong likes to build 3 tank items and two damage items. For jungle, try Mastery Yi, Lee sin and Vi. They're all pretty good junglers at the moment, with Yi having good clear times and excellent sustain, lee sin having a bit of trouble with clears but good sustain and hilarious ganks, and Vi can beat the snot out of jungle monsters and return to gank mid with 80% hp left. Vi is a different sort of jungle where her kit is BUILT to gank a target and stick to the like superglue sticks to your fingers. She likes to be up in the guts, so a tanky Vi is a good approach. I am of the camp that Cinderhulk and a Randuins is just fine, you can go AD after that. And ADC play graves and Varus if you can. Try to stay away from Vayne. She's EXCELLENT, but only if you know the ADC role very well.
Wumachine (OCE)
: Khazix, gets raped in the current tank meta
After playing kha zix a few games, I got disheartened. He's fun to play, but he's too squishy and all the anti tank stuff just melts him even faster.
Minpin04 (OCE)
: Can u wind up q flash on thresh and still hit.
There are a multitude of channeled abilities you can flash with to increase range though. Vi's Q you can flash and release to hit somebody pretty far away. Varus's Q you can do the same thing.
Antodara (NA)
: Just had a ranked game where my ping was going all over the place. Even after rebooting the modem, it was still sitting at above 115 on average.
And as an aside, I played a few norms today and had excellent connection.
Just had a ranked game where my ping was going all over the place. Even after rebooting the modem, it was still sitting at above 115 on average.
: How to face Leblanc tips please
If you can counter pick against her, and you're decent with him, take zed. He takes a huge dump on her past level 6, and a rushed brutalizer negates her seekers. Basically, you want a champ that has very high burst, with lots of mobility/juking potential, so you can avoid her E and W while being able to return almost instantly to deal your burst. AFAIK, only Zed really has this.
: Mass Champion Release
I'm always one for playing new champs. I don't even buy runes or rune pages, I just buy more champs
: Or it shows the difference between people on boards and people who are employed to set a good example. Honestly most of the people on boards are #*$%&!@ (Self censoring here cause i got banned for saying it last time)
Or maybe the people here are being sarcastic
Olee (OCE)
: "LEL"
lel originated from 4chan as a different way of writing "lol", alongside "kek". Often, the two are combined with the word "top", in order to convey just how hilarious something is, i.e. "look at this dipshit, top kek" or "and then he an hero'd, top lel". It's basically a way of saying lol, but sort of with a bit more meaning behind it.
Olee (OCE)
: Does anyone else feel like they get worse at a Champ the MORE they play them?
No, for me it depends on how well i've gone about my day. If I've done nothing but play league all day, most of my games will be shit. If i've gone out, done stuff, feel pretty good, I play a lot better. Also if it's late at night and i'm munching on my favorite cookies and some mountain dew, I play pretty well. I've always found I spike hard with champs, playing EXTREMELY well the first match I play with them for the first time (first time playing draven I rekt the enemy team something like 13-2), and then it drastically changes to me getting rekt and then my W/L and playmaking abilities even out after that.
Snek boi (OCE)
: at lvl 14 i understand why you solo dragon, but if you're in high elo (gold +) people ward dragon pit. If you want to get dragon by lvl 5-6 make sure you get a gank off bot for a double kill or at least a back so they cant compete.
I don't know why it shows that i'm level 14, but here's a little attachment showing i'm max level. I jungle often, I know what i'm doing most of the time, and what I said still stands true. Nobody below gold wards or even fights dragon before 20 min mark, and if you smite chicken or take scan trinket, you can ensure that you can get away with a solo drag kill, and at the 13-14 min mark (i'm pretty sure that's the time drag spawns, I could be wrong), it's a pretty decent power spike for your lanes.
: What do you say after a match?
GG get rekt no re play bots m8
kJs (OCE)
: No sword of the Occult? GG noob
Even if i'm wrecking face, all it takes is one death and all that gold is wasted on a pretty shitty item. I'd rather just stick to a normal build.
Kalidin (OCE)
: ***
You can't hear that for an enemy player. That only gets announced for your team.
: The axe landing position is determined by the where you're moving when it hits.
Excellent, so I was right, sort of. I'll need to rejig how I position a little bit now, Draaaaaven's pretty intense in micromanagement, if you don't have that Q up you don't generally have damage.
: http://media.giphy.com/media/Mp19UE9GMARKE/giphy.gif
Never has a gif been more accurate. Only replace Chain harpoon of death with shurikens. Thousands of them.
Rioter Comments
Jink (OCE)
: -
I'm not entirely sure what that's directed at. His Q does sort of work like that. I've found by throwing my axe, then clicking somewhere to move in the split second afterwards, i'll go towards exactly where the axe will land.
: Jungling tips
Don't try to clear all the camps in one go until you've bought your t2 Jungle item. You'll miss out on a lot of gold for killing the large mods in the camps. I follow these 2 routes, it depends on wether you're tanky (slower attack speed, more health and sustain, less autos) or assassin (lots of autos, low sustain, squishy). Tanky route is: Leash on Gromp, smite as soon as he spawns. Move to wolves, kill them, pop a potion if need be, save smite. Move to red, smite red only when you get down to your last box, go all out with abilities here. Return to base, pick up Machete T2 (I like to go Skirmishers because I find a lot of JG's lack the gapclosers necessary to gank), buy a pot, the other camps are now easier so kill them until you're ready to gank, this varies on champ by champ bassis. Assassin route is: Leash on golems, fight red, use both potions if need be, go all out as you want this dead and to be at least over 25% hp. Now go fight chickens if you're 25-40%, or move to wolves and then base with 450~ish gold. Continue as above until you're ready to gank. Once you hit gank phase it's important to NOT GO TO GANK IF IT'S NOT READY. Ganks are ready when the opponent is pushing your teams lane, or is low enough to score a quick towerdive. DO NOT go for a gank on an opponent at full hp that is in middle of lane by yourself or without some form of CC handy, as they can often just blow a gap closer in their QWER kit, and you've wasted your mana/time. Communicate, ping that you are on your way, and let your team know to go in when you ping the target. If your team is pushing their lanes, kill Rift Scuttlers, ward river bushes, watch for enemy ganks and stop them if you can. Otherwise, keep farming as you do nothing by wasting 30 seconds walking to bot lane to gank Graves when he can just W and e away, even Q'ing you for 25% of your hp and leaving you vulnerable as you go back to river. If you go to gank, and they flash away, you MAY take some minions as a "gank tax". This is a common practice, but communicate that you will do this while you're all moving to lanes. Nobody likes to lose CS for no real reason. A blown flash/ghost/heal/exhaust is a successful gank. A kill for you is a better gank, and a kill for your lane is an EXCELLENT gank. You dying is a bad gank. Finally, fight dragon around level 5-6. By this time you should have finished your enchant, and should have at least a {{item:1053}}, or enough sustain. Ping for assist from your bot lane if need be, but I like to solo dragon ({{champion:254}} and {{champion:19}} jungle 4 lyfe) as the fact that you're a jungler hides your position from the enemy team. Smite the Chickens on your way, so that you can check for wards. If you're clear, smash dragon, as almost NOBODY outside of Gold+ goes for dragon until 20+min. It's silly, but it's true. Early dragons give your bot and top lanes a decent power spike, and it puts the enemy team on the back foot. Always hold a lane if you can when your laners leave for base. Nothing worse than being ahead 20-5 and having lost because you didn't defend towers.
: Off the wiki >Critical strikes will not interact with Spinning Axe's bonus damage. Meaning the bonus damage doesn't crit. Generally the aim for draven is to have a BF first back, otherwise a pickaxe, Life steal isn't necessary that early considering no one but Vayne (maybe twitch but i don't see them) builds lifesteal first. Build is IE>BT>LW then your choice.
I just read that too. Ah well, guess i don't do AS much damage :c I was hitting somewhere in excess of 1.2k crits with Q's. It was ridiculous. I think his q somewhat works like Kaista's Martial Prowess too.
: Well Baron'ing and Dragon'ing are I guess fine, somewhat. Other than that, yer, it's pretty stupid that you can just rush the thing down but you instead go jacking off at the chicken camp for whatever reason.
Rioter Comments
: Well the additional damage from her passive is pretty much a crit meaning u are indirectly hitting critical hits all the time.
Yeah that's why I think they took her crit chance away all together. She's looking pretty fun, and if her Q's shots all trigger on hit effects, it's going to be a glorious day to build shiv and maybe even cleaver on ashe.
giddo244 (OCE)
: Headhunter or Warring Kingdoms Nidalee?
I prefer the Headhunter skin. I didn't even know I had it until I randomly decided to play Nid Mid. She's really dropped in popularity lately.
: Yeah I realized but in the current meta there are little champions who can really fully bully Nasus out of lane, Riven used to one of the few but now that the tank meta is in where there's such thing as Nunu Top, Hecarim Top and Sion Top, it really doesn't let you bully Nasus out of lane as much. He get can a single tank item and just keep farming regardless. You can't really 'stop' Nasus from getting stacks even if you completely bully him, you have to bully him and win all or at least another lane.
There's a LOT of champs that can bully Nasus into tower farm, which is a bad state because he misses a lot of CS due to tower. Darius has insane early damage and Nasus has none, meaning darius Q's nasus chunking his health and zoning him. Riven can still do it very easily, and is a great counterpick. Teemo can shit on Nasus at levels 1-5, and then afterwards can harass him enough that he wastes ult, or has to tower farm again. Renekton can straight up kill nasus at level 1-2, landing a w and a lot of autos and then two e's and ignite to secure a first blood, crippling nasus' farm. One tank item doesn't mean diddly. He can't just farm, because with the above champs, they can harass him enough to keep him away from farm if he doesn't want to feed. That, and you communicate ganks to shut him down and make him 0/5 by the 15 min mark. It's about teamwork and understanding how nasus works. I can't believe how many people just say "oh this champ can just do x and then they win"
: A Better System
I love how you stereotype and label a whole group of people. Sounds like somebody is projecting.
: Her new passive sounds pretty OP too. I'm wondering If it possible for the bonus damage to crit ?
No. They've gotten rid of her ability to crit. Full stop. Any extra crit chance adds extra damage to her passive, and {{item:3031}} adds even more damage to the passive. They literally say all of this in the article in the LoL launcher..
: haha,you are reported btw
Yeah okay I suppose if you're that weak you can report me. Or you can bait me, whichever one you're attempting to do.
Olee (OCE)
: How to teamfight as Leblanc
Please refer to standard LeBlanc operating procedures. Step 1: put your hand on your keyboard Step 2: now hit EVERY BUTTON AS FAST AS YOU CAN If you haven't killed all of your opponents, please repeat.
iNoob (OCE)
: no offence but bad players should really stay away from lee (yes u are a bad player, admit it) if you want to improve as a jungler you need to pay attention to the wave of minions (for example if it is pushing towards their tanky maokai which you couldn't possibly tower dive, there is no point going up there, the only reason you'd go top in that situation is if you were doing a 3 man dive with your mid laner or to counter jungle their jungler, to ward for your laner or to countergank the enemy jungler) The next thing is to pay attention to the map (if their amumu just ganked mid and he only has 40-50% hp and their mid laner isn't winning their lane; so if there mid laner is losing their lane and your mid laner is stronger, that gives you the opportunity to potentially kill the amumu in their jungle) watching the map also gives you important information, like where the enemy warded and which side their jungler started (if bot arrives late the jungler started bot lane; if bot is there but top is late, their jungler started on the top side of the map) other things include warding, buying sweepers, counterganking, counterjungling... stuff i already mentioned. all of that sounds pretty complex? much too hard for a bronzie to think of XD just quit lee sin u suck u will never get better
I think it's you that sucks. Maybe not at the game, but you suck at being a decent human being.
: Who goes good with Vayne for support
I like nami the best as a support. She locks down the ADC so you can get some well timed shots, and if she knows what she's doing she can flash behind them and ult them into you under tower so you can get a double. Plus she has some good heals and movespeed.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Great question. Does feedback impact what we do? Absolutely. We couldn't do what we do without it. A good example is Ocean Week, our team read every thread and post we could find on here, Reddit, news posts comments, Youtube comments, social media, etc. I also had lots of conversations with players that I meet randomly from wearing a Riot shirt on the commute to the office. Is the feedback positive or negative? It's a mix of both, I would say mostly positive. Sometimes we make things that go up on the website and they don't get much interaction, or not many people seem to care, and we'll talk about that. It's awesome to see positive feedback, it hits you right in the feels, but we will get alot of information from negative feedback as well. It's pretty common for the creative team to see someone's reaction to something and then we talk about why that is, what could we do better, etc. The more feedback the better.
Has anyone ever walked up to you and asked: "So, Lee Sin. Why?" In fact, what sort of questions do you get asked the most by random leaguers on the street?
: I was kinda looking for an actual numerical estimation
Lots™ is the new soon™
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Ask Sephyre
In 3 words or less, what flavor is your favorite number of the alphabet?
BrodeRage (OCE)
: Give me one reason how Riven is balanced...
The scaling on her shield is a tad off, it could be changed to be AP scaing or at least half of what it currently is, because it's utterly stupid that champs like yasuo and others get a shield that scales from %hp, a resource bar, or from a really low AP percentage, and she gets a pretty high AD scaling shield that is up every 5 seconds or so. Other than that, I do think she's pretty balanced, as I've taken a dump on her with darius, yasuo, vi, you name it i've probably killed riven with them. it's all about understanding your champ and riven. If you've got a dash (yasuo), wait until she has used both q's and is going for her third, and dash past the location she wants, so you're behind her. She's wasted her knockup, and you get a few precious seconds to beat her face in while she waits for the cooldown.
giddo244 (OCE)
: Tips on play Zed and Yasuo
Yasuo should be played very carefully unless you're against an AD champ in top lane where you can harass them a lot due to the longer range on your Q than most champs (darius's Q is slightly longer), and your ability to knockup without using resources. In mid lane, fight with care, poke with your tornado and try not to die. Last longer and farm better with your Q, and rush infinity edge. Use E to dash to a minion, Q your opponent, and use E to dash back past your minion wave through another minion. It's a common technique. Your dash doesn't just dash you TO a minion, you dash THROUGH them, up to the maximum distance the E allows.
: > [{quoted}](name=Antodara,realm=NA,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=phxqE10X,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-04-14T02:07:43.253+0000) > > I haven't seen a single bard player that can actually support well. His laning phase sucks as he doesn't have any real lockdown or peel for you to get in to trade with, and that ult is more of a hinderance than a blessing until it gets to teamfight stage. Nami is a better support overall, the ult and the Q allow for some serious plays, especially for close range ADC's like Graves or Vayne. Bard peels for you easier than Nami does lol.
Sorry I should have been more specific. I meant peel not as the way it's meant. I guess that's where you got confused a bit. Bard can't stop an enemy champ for you to harass and/or kill. Nami can. Bard's ultimate can actually leave YOU as the ADC in a really bard spot. Nami's wont. Bard has a heal, so does nami, bard's is slightly better. Bard is intended as a harass and peel/pick support, but doesn't do these jobs well as his harass damage is pitiful and his pick is so situational or it's linked to a long cooldown attached to his ultimate it just isn't funny. Nami is incredibly solid, and I have never performed badly when laned with nami. When laned against bard as the support, nine times out of ten, I get giddy as it's basically a free kill lane unless the bard is spectacular. And if he's really good, it just means there's a player like him not behin the keyboard of, say, a Lee Sin or a Riven.
Scimitary (OCE)
: Can't Play Yasuo
I start Q and max it quick. It's your main source of damage and even though E does more base damage, you can't use it more than once per something like 10 seconds on any target you've already dashed to/through. With decent attack speed, you can Q 3-4 times in that same amount of time. The small base damage doesn't seem like much, but it adds up. Your E is used as a catch up. Let your lane opponent think you are zoned behind your minions, and then dash to an enemy minion near his back, and then hit him with a Q. In the few seconds you have (1-2), Q another minion or him if you're still close, then you e towards him and hit q to knock him up, followed by your ultimate and land a few autos on him, killing him. Or they flash/dash away before you get the knockup on them, so you go back to your tactic of farming with Q and poking with the tornado. He's not a totally hard champ to play, but he is very squishy and will die very quickly. You'll need to build damage on him which doesn't leave much for defensive stats, and if they have a lot of bruisers you wont be able to chew through all that HP. Knowing your team comp is almost as important to a good yasuo player as knowing when to dash in or stay safe.
: > [{quoted}](name=GoldenTomat0,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=phxqE10X,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-04-13T23:44:25.666+0000) > > bard is trash Only if the player is trash. All 3 are strong. Nami is the easiest out of the 3 I'd say. Bard is the hardest and Zyra hasn't been seen very much for a while, although she's great for peeling.
I haven't seen a single bard player that can actually support well. His laning phase sucks as he doesn't have any real lockdown or peel for you to get in to trade with, and that ult is more of a hinderance than a blessing until it gets to teamfight stage. Nami is a better support overall, the ult and the Q allow for some serious plays, especially for close range ADC's like Graves or Vayne.
: Vi hero First abilty ( Q ) bug or problem. need help to fix
I've been having issues with her q as well, but they've been hitbox issues. I've had better chances landing a nidalee spear than I have with hitting Vi's Q because of the retarded hitbox.
Yuudachi (OCE)
: Orianna Tips: Playing against orianna
If she runs too far away from her ball, it will leash back to her.
Goragle (OCE)
: Chroma Packs + Popstar Ahri
I really hope nobody buys one unless the price is closer to 300-400 RP OR riot give you the choice of the 750RP AND something like 3150 IP.
Exhausted (OCE)
: Hi, glad you like the video, imo i think boots aren't ideal to buy first unless vsing mobility or not enough gold for a BF and have to buy pickaxe+boots . and i never really upgrade them until i have a core item. {{item:3031}} is always first {{item:3087}} is situational for graves. just my opinion but it works for me
Yeah I normally buy {{item:1038}} and then {{item:1001}} and then finish {{item:3031}} as my first item. The small amount of movespeed really helps secure those kills on more kitey champs.
Exhausted (OCE)
: Graves Penta 10k Behind with enemy baron / x3 dragon buffed
Nice work mang. I love me some {{champion:104}} , my favorite ADC to play, I just can't stand the right click to win champs unless they're {{champion:67}}. Your opinion: {{item:3031}} or {{item:3087}} as first item after boots?
: You start Ranked with a silver 4 MMR, this is to make sure that people who are good but just starting ranked don't have to climb from bronze 5, but it means that newer players generally struggle with their first 3-6 games.
Oh ok awesome. I guess if I play what i'm comfortable with I could keep up a silver ranking, it's just i'm not used to the ranked atmosphere so I don't know if it's like normals where if you go in solo you spam "TOP TOP TOP" to get your lane and work it like that, or if everybody tries to be civil and hand lanes to whoever sounds like they have more experience with said lane and champ. Also still working out matchups and which champs to ban (I was captain both of my ranked games..), and which champs to counter pick.
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: Best URF Champion?
I'm really enjoying playing Jinx, Lux and Ahri. Ahri takes a huge dump on anybody when she can throw out a charm every 3-4 seconds, and at rank 2 her Q can be shot as soon as it returns.
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