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: Star Guardian stickers by 英雄联盟
I... really need the SG skins @_@
Xuízunä (OCE)
: What has more value? 2x $50 RP lol cards or just $100 from credit card?
OCE RP Prices: For Credit Card BASE+BONUS=TOTAL 50 AUD/NZD - 5200+700=5900 100 AUD/NZD - 10400+1700=12100 ~_~_~ Tl;dr: You'd get 11,800 RP for 2 50 AU/NZD, but 12,100 for one 100 AUD/NZD card, so buying the 100 one is better.
Aqua (OCE)
: Do int. feeders on my team who get banned give me a loss prevented?
Loss Prevention is only enabled when Riot has problems with their server as a whole which affects a large amount of the playerbase, otherwise it is not enabled and you will lose LP accordingly. All I can say is to report AFK's as they will get punished for excessive leaving. PS: I'm incorrect in one point, the only exception is the /remake system stated below. * If any player is dc’d or flagged afk for at least 90 seconds at the three minute mark, a /remake is available * A first blood against a player’s team before they leave/dc prevents a remake vote. * All players on that team have one minute to prompt a vote by typing /remake in chat. * The vote needs at least two of four players (30% of players in game) to agree, at which point the game ends. * All players connected to the game basically pretend the game never happened, gaining or losing no LP/IP/XP, and seeing no change to their overall W/L records. * The dc’d player (or players) takes full LP losses or drop a promo game, and are also flagged by Leaver Buster. * Note for ranked: To protect competitive integrity, Diamond V and above players will also take a loss when the dc’d player is in their premade; We’ll keep an eye on this restriction to see if it needs to extend to lower ranks
Relegator (OCE)
: Toxic Player on Oce
Did you report them after the game? If you forgot to, and have screenshots, submitting them to Riot Support @ should get the person in trouble. Just remember, they might not be instantly perma-banned due to punishment tiers. If they are already out of a 14 day ban and in bad standing, then they will be perma-banned, otherwise they will go up in tiers until they either reform or get banned. They will only skip steps due to extreme severity of what they say. Here are the punishment tiers: * 10 game chat restriction * 25 game chat restriction * 14 day account ban * Permanent account ban
: 22LP TURNES INTO -3LP riot plz
The best you can do is report them, they can't give you LP or loss prevention. All I can say is to keep climbing, possibly duo? But if not, solo and focus on climbing. If you were in B1 last season if you stick to it you should be able to climb fairly fast.
: Ban Permanetly
Do you have proof that you did not have access to the account at the time?
: Who made T H E a swear word?
Dope Dog (OCE)
: Oceanic Server Has A Bad Competitive Community
Lemme be the first NA player to state... lordi this happens in NA too, I hope something changes. If they add Tribunal back, we need to make a way to speed up the process, banning took forever.
: Who made T H E a swear word?
the. Hm. Sent it in, hopefully it gets fixed.
: This problem only occurs if you flash at exactly the right time. If you wait a second or two it wont happen, BUT, the point of flashing as soon as you are hit is to avoid being slowed by his Tempest (which he can cast very quickly, and is AOE) so if you do wait a second or two, you will almost certainly be slowed (for 4 seconds) and if you flash while you are slowed, he will just catch up to you again, and you wont escape. Basically: Flash _after_ he hits you with his dash, but _before_ he hits you with Tempest (which is the ability where he smacks the ground, and it makes a kind of shockwave) if you flash between those two moves you will be fine. (but that is a very small window sometimes) Hope that helped.
: how do you play definitiely not dominion?
It's a mix of dominion and TT in a sense, the middle shrine you collect for extra movement speed and I believe other buffs, and you capture the towers. First team to hit 0 loses.
: With any knock up LUX is still doing her ult.
I believe this is working as intented. > [{quoted}](name=Level1Pentakill,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=XEGf1GMl,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-07-10T08:11:38.653+0000) > > Heaps of skills are "click to launch" and they will continue to cast even if you get stunned after "launching them" - the same goes for things like Darius ultimate, where if you flash out of its effective cast range - if he's already begun to cast it; it will follow your flash. > > Other skills as well will continue when you are dead, Gnars boomerangs for instance - whereas some will not - there are special rules on these - certain Champions death deletes certain projectiles while others will continue. ^ Precisely.
: Getting reported for Heimerdinger support
Even if he wasn't listed, if you are not intentionally feeding or doing badly, the report will be invalid, and future reports from the guy will mean less. Don't worry, you won't be punished. :)
: What do you guys think of this bug?
Do you know if there's any chance it could be successfully flashed if you wait an extra second or two? I don't really know the champion Lee Sin or how it functions fundamentally (and I'm Bronze so knowing timing to flash that is rip me.)
S7 Wrath (OCE)
: Appealing 14 day Ban
Consistency with being a toxic player matters a lot more than severity, if you have received chat restrictions before, there are punishment tiers. Spending a few months or more toxic-free and positive, your punishment tier will drop to a normal players and you will not get punished as severely anymore until your tiers build up again. * 10 game chat restriction * 25 game chat restriction * 14 day account ban * Permanent account ban Plus, a lot of what you said was very toxic, for example; >S7 Wrath: guess i'll have to get used to fucked up people to get good >S7 Wrath: a.k.a zed + zac >S7 Wrath: dont think that you're good >S7 Wrath: i was tilted ever since level 5 cuz of u >S7 Wrath: play a real champ >S7 Wrath: noob >S7 Wrath: cause you're bad >S7 Wrath: actually get chat banned >S7 Wrath: actually skip a level of chat ban and get a 14 day suspension >S7 Wrath: can you go away >S7 Wrath: u scum Just to name a few. If you either stop talking or be more positive, I can guarantee you will be able to stay un-banned if you do so. Otherwise, you will be banned eventually. Just because someone is toxic to you doesn't mean you throw fuel in the fire.

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