nickolhas (OCE)
: TFT rerolls seem to be non random
Part of it is because the game seems to have moved to a tile type system for the re-rolls. (That is, there is a set pool of champions that are available at each round. )
: whats wrong with farting and belching XD ahaha :P you could always have like a mute button for them like any game does Battlefield 5 and Apex etc etc.
Once the feature is introduced, it becomes an expectation for any team play. (Plus let's keep in mind that the games you mention above are known for being even more toxic than League.) And you forgot to mention the kid who screams at his mother or sister when they enter the room as they are playing. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Voice Chat for Full Team will Riot make this a thing so when you go into games
Heck no! Having been blessed with the farting, belching, screaming and toxic foulness in team chat - I am quite thankful that this is not a feature. I already have to mute all in game - and at least I can report any nasty stuff knowing that there is evidence in chat transcripts.
Booka (OCE)
: The death of Tahm Kench
Kench is still fine in the right hands - notice that he is sitting at nearly a 55% winrate as a support right now.
HeartVine (OCE)
: Just a quick heads up, there have been some issues in patch 9.14 that have been causing problems for some players loading into games which may be causing a noticeably significant increase in AFK players. Important info regarding the issue, as well as steps for submitting logs, can be found in this thread just posted by Riot Gehirn:
It's a bit bigger than that (given I was encountering the same bug in 9.13) - but it is good that action is finally being taken on the issue.
Jacksin (OCE)
: Why the hell are there so many AFKs?
Go to the Report a Bug page. You will notice that there is a megathread started on the critical error bug that has been haunting the game since 9.13. (It's only in 9.14 that it has suddenly become apparent.) This bug either causes the game to get stuck at loading screen (which causes you to reboot your computer and you can't do the dump they request) or if you are lucky, it just stops the game programme from actually running. [](
: TFT cheating
Saw an early Swain in the second round - which mysteriously disappeared when I mentioned it in the chat. Only wish I screenshotted it.


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