BV 4 Lyfe (OCE)
: The system should not be automatic
The system doesn't ban based on how many of the team reported you, fortunately. When someone reports you in the the game (for chat offenses, for example), the system will review your chat logs for that game and determine what to do based on the severity and frequency of your behavior. Whether 1 report or 9, the system runs this check exactly the same and it's always run; in this way nobody can "gang up" to influence the system to falsely punish someone. I highly recommend sharing your chat logs (assuming this was for a chat offense) so that we can review them with you and try to help determine what the system issued the punishment for. For all I know it could've falsely flagged something, just drop them here and be open to discussing them so we can try to clear things up and work towards a solution so we can all enjoy the game :D
Ninox (OCE)
: How many Boards posts do you have?
> Hey Stinky, you belong in the garbage! wait
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: How come the best one is the only one that's low res? Why do this to me???? D: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Star Guardian stickers by 英雄联盟
Edit: While it's not full size, S@20 provided an imgur album with them all, and it included the missing Lux ??? sticker, which I've added to the list.
Talon12 (OCE)
: {{sticker:fiora-cool}} I'm sure you can infer. Also, is it just me or does star guardian ahri seems like a bitch? As in, an outright bitch, 100% Even her laugh is that generic anime bitch laugh. Lets be honest.
Yes, and I love it SO MUCH! The VA was *on point*.
: oh I know what mirai nikki and Yuno Gasai are, but what is yuni gasai
: Nice find :D I've tried to tidy up some of the white outlines for you: ^^
Hey thanks :P Good work, I don't really know how to use the tools to do it properly.
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: Sharing the Nami stickers I have so far
Edit: Added Nami pride and reeeee!
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JacobJJ (OCE)
: Hey DTN, was wondering if I could get another email from riot, turns out I didn't diversify my email and for some reason don't have a spam folder, if possible could I be sent another one, spent a lot of Rp on my JacobJJ account Thanks
Not sure if they can send you a duplicate email from that, but they can definitely follow up on your case and provide what details they can if you submit a [Support Ticket](
: Join the Arbiters and League Volunteers on Discord
Looking for active OCE players, ours are lonely!
: 'Stfu' and 'wtf' are instant triggers for chat restrions, but 'kkk' and 'kys' aren't.
They actually aren't. Alone, simply cursing isn't a problem at all and won't result in a restriction. If you are constantly harassing people *while* cursing, you can be punished and it'll have nothing to do with saying "fuck". As for "kys", it's definitely a bannable offense. I frequently see chat logs where a player is escalated past chat restrictions to a ban for that.
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Jason (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=IBUY7Hn7,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-03-26T23:01:38.646+0000) > > Sorry, try this; its the exact same link, and it doesn't work again
Yeah I don't get this thing, here;
Jason (OCE)
: doesn't like me :(
Sorry, try this;
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: I did another Nami doodle to practice using the Path Tool. Hope you like it!
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Talon12 (OCE)
: The new nami icon reminded me of your nami pictures. Heavily the heart one, just with a rotation and no hearts.
Speaking of the icon, I completely forgot to participate on my OCE account D:
Volcanuz (OCE)
: Why do people hate support?
I used to think I couldn't carry my team and wouldn't be able to climb maining support too; then I got good and started being able to make terrible carries look good while locking down the good enemy carries and disrupting their plays. People have this misconception that Supporting is easy and passive and has little impact, which ends up making it true for them. I never did think it was boring or unfulfilling, though. If you enjoy what you pick, even if it's considered trash tier, you will excel if you put forth the effort to master it.
Tele (OCE)
: Volunteer Ocean Week 2017
Dougans (OCE)
: OCE ban system is broken
Someone flaming you first doesn't give you a pass to do it, both players are in the wrong. If someone is harassing you, just mute them instead and you won't have this problem. Permanent bans are also the final step in the [4 tiers of punishment](, meaning either you have been warned and punished before for negative behavior, or your behavior this time was so severe that it warranted escalated multiple punishment tiers. You admit to harassing other players, so it doesn't sound like there was any error in the system. If you want to discuss the validity of your punishment with the community I recommend posting your Reform Card here for us to view, and also mention what prior punishments you've had (if any). If you want to contest your ban with Riot you have to use a [Support Ticket](
: why is my face the thumbnail here
Oh Draggles good timing. The post [here]( where you said VO replacement modification was not currently being banned was deleted so I've lost a reference. *If the stance has not changed*, if you could say so we have a new source to cite that would be much appreciated. I was trying to follow the link on [Wuks's post here]( which quoted you. His post was recently referenced in an Ask Riot article, so in light of its increased visibility making sure all the quotes are still up to date is recommended imo.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Solo/Duo Queue now live in OCE
NA will love to hear it'll be there soon :D (granted there are no issues that crop up here)
: > [{quoted}](name=Talon12,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=oE3AXYg5,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-10-02T10:18:47.942+0000) > > through heavy utility. Taric can solo carry his team. Malph can. Nami can, good sona can, raka can etc etc I only play nami out of those, but you have to go tank supp if your top and jg are not tanks, so carrying is fucking impossible lol
I personally don't think Support is very good for climbing, but it's certainly possible. I went from S4 to P5 using Nami almost exclusively. Just always be aware that you can improve somewhere; be open to advice, keep trying to learn from high elo player's streams/guides, and don't focus on blaming anyone else for a loss. You also want to be consistent. Don't flip-flop between lots of different roles and champions, just try to master a small selection. You can practice and learn other roles/champions in Normals, which will be good for learning the limits of your team and enemy. Make it a habit to watch the minimap and keep as many useful wards out as you can. Getting tunnel vision and constantly dying to ganks even if there were sufficient wards is a big problem for people focusing on their lane, but as a Support it's typically easier to divide your attention since you don't have to CS; as such, you'll often be the shot caller and the one warning the team of imminent danger through pings. Each match, the first thing you want to take note of is how your ADC plays. You do not want to play hyper-aggressive and die 3 times in the first 5 minutes because your ADC is super-passive. You conform to his style, or ask that he conform to yours. If he overextends, ward for him and/or danger ping him back. If your ADC is reckless and keeps taking risks that get you both killed, let him die alone, and you can go follow another carry after laning phase if he's particularly bad. Read those guides and see if you can improve your Runes/Masteries and builds. There is no perfect setup, and your build will change depending on the situation.
Mind Lord (OCE)
: Friends list gone
Are you connected to chat? If you are having a connection issue that prevents you from connecting to the chat server, the entire social window pane on the bottom right will be gone, and on the left there will be a button that says "Reconnect to Chat" which you'll want to press. If you're just having a connection issue let us know.
: Playes unsportnmanlike in pick screen
You can submit a ticket with a picture, but there is a big difference between saying you're going to feed and doing it; Riot can't really go around punishing people before they do anything, so this would only be considered negative chat. If you want them punished, don't dodge and get a report in on them. It's not a good answer, but that's the best there is. Typically a player that is toxic in the lobby is toxic in-game anyway, so if he acts like that frequently he'll get what's coming through the system.
: I believe that every key should be logged, and every application being used as well, this way when there is a crash report, you can take a look at this information, and determine if it was the client or the user.
Logging your keystrokes and applications not relevant to the game is extremely intrusive.
04200 (EUW)
: literally perma banned after 1 bad game
Punishment is done through a system of escalation, moving from chat restrictions up to a temporary ban then a permanent ban each time you are punished if you continue exhibiting consistent negative behavior. Have you received punishment prior to the permanent ban? If you already had a 14 day account ban then a permanent ban was the next step regardless of the severity of the negative behavior that triggers another punishment. Extreme behavior may result in skipping punishment tiers. For chat offenses, this is usually things such as hate speech (racist/homophobic slurs etc.) or threats of violence (urging someone to suicide or threatening harm on yourself or others etc.) and other illegal activity. Intentionally ruining games through gameplay (trolling, feeding etc.) will always skip chat restrictions and go to a ban. You should've received a reform card in-client and by email for your punishment, with chat logs if the punishment was dealt by the Instant Feedback System for chat offenses; did you receive one, and what did it say? If you need more information or need to contest your ban you'll need to submit a [Support Ticket]( If you've already submitting one, please be patient and do not submit multiple tickets or bump it; bumping tickets pushes it to the back of the queue, and it can can a few days for Player Support to get to it.
YggdrasiI (OCE)
: Hextech boxes and Key fragments
> The drop rate for key fragments is a curve, not a line. With each fragment you earn, the chance to earn your next one goes down slightly. This number resets roughly every thirty days after you earn your first key fragment. > We wanted to give players who didn't play as frequently a good drop rate for keys, without making it feel like farming was mandatory if you wanted keys.
bgm (OCE)
: I have never used malicious 3rd party programs or modifications, my account has been banned
You'll need to submit a [Support Ticket]( to contact Riot about your ban. If you were banned for illegal 3rd party programs they will be unable to give you details on what they found though, to help prevent players from using that information to circumvent detection.
Rosey93 (OCE)
: PROJECT Phase 1 - First Strike Chaches
The triangle icons that you craft are what give you the First Strike border. Did you get that from anything?
Likiyoko (OCE)
: Remake bug?
Could you give some details to what happened? AFK detection can kick in if a player is not participating, meaning it can catch someone just walking around doing nothing even if they are in lane, and that would trigger /remake if it was going on long enough pre-3 minutes.
Erøse (OCE)
: You can send in a support ticket and they are gonna ask you a couple of questions just to validate that the account you're using belongs to you. So you basically send in a support ticket and they will give you these questions: The original email address used to register the account: List of locations that you have played on this account (City and Country): Your current IP address( First five champions ever purchased on this account: First item ever purchased with RP (if applicable): List of payment methods used to purchase RP: Who made this account? Any other people (including family members/friends) that have ever had access to the account: and here is the support ticket link:
Just to reiterate, as this is important; *That information goes in the ticket*. Please do not post any of it on the boards.
Veloshotz (OCE)
: i dont know what to do
Don't worry about finding what you'll main up to Diamond. Instead, look for what you find the most enjoyable. I suggest not doing your soul searching in Ranked, though; you will lose fewer games if you discover your main roles/champions before you start attempting to climb by mastering them in Normals. If you enjoy what you are playing you are going to be able to spend more time learning about it and will take more interest in improving your skills at it. Play a nice variety in Normals and you'll see where you perform the best and enjoy it after some time. You can check out [your page]( and easily see what you're performing well on consistently. If you had enjoyed playing those, grab them and go perfect them in Normals until you're ready to climb the ranked ladder! Don't forget that there is always more to learn about your role and champion and the game as a whole, so read up on [guides]( and watch some pro streams for great tips :3
: So would dragon tristana ever go on sale?
Dragon Trainer Tristana already had her early sale, so unfortunately no. The early sales happen 4-6 months after their release, and Legendary/Ultimate skins will not get a direct discount again after that. You can read more about the changes here;
Narwhal (OCE)
: I think legendary skins go on sale once, like 6 months after, (never again after this) and ultimate skins never go on sale
Ultimate skins will also go on the early sale!
Please submit an account recovery [Support Ticket]( The email will be sent to the one you provide, and if you are able to prove you are the original owner they can manually change the associated email for you.
: treeline more often!!!!
Simply put; because there is not enough people to populate the matchmaking and create consistent even matches. With a smaller population this can be a real problem, so they limit it to times when enough people play it to that's not an issue. If the player numbers show it can handle a longer period of time and remain healthy, Riot will be able to expand it.
: Lag Spikes
Please follow the steps (if there are any you haven't completed) on the [Connection Troubleshooting Guide]( to make sure your connection is set up properly. If those steps don't help, you can view your connection by running a traceroute, and sharing the results might show us where it's going wrong. I suggest downloading the [WinMTR Network Diagnostic Tool](, then use that to run a traceroute to the following IP (allow this to run for 5-15 minutes); > You'll be able to see if you are experiencing lag spikes or packet loss, and where it starts. Export the results to a text file and paste them here if you need us to examine them to assist with troubleshooting.
: Inactivity warning says 6 days, but already lost lps.
For Diamond and Mastery promotion series, you have 5 days to complete it before it expires and you drop out. I don't know how much LP the drop you (if it's 10 or is normal decay) but it's separate from the 28 days required before you start to incur inactivity decay.
: Seriously?
Sorry you're having these client issues! The most common fix to bug splats and crashes is a good ol' client repair, which can be done by clicking the question mark on the top right of your launcher. Sometimes it's a third party program causing the issue, so if you have any modifications to the game files or app that interacts with the client you should try removing or disabling it. If that does not work, a more in-depth repair of the client may be in order; this would be [forcing a repatch]( for a fix between a repair and a reinstall, then a reinstall as the last resort. You can head over to the [Network article here and download the Hextech Repair Tool]( for an easy method to perform those steps fully. For assistance with crashes, please visit the [Bug Splat & Game Crashes article]( for more information. Let us know if you continue to have issues!
funwinxd (OCE)
: Is there a Shen skin in the works?
Unfortunately, that's not something they are at liberty to discuss until an official announcement has been made (usually when it appears on the PBE). It's always possible that any champion could get a skin as long as they aren't up for a Visual Update, so just keep an eye out for PBE notes;
: FPS, Why do you do this to me?
I'd suggest visiting the [FPS Troubleshooting Guide]( and performing the steps there.
Vegathron (OCE)
: questions about project blueprints
Sorry, unfortunately no. You need to craft the border and have the skin *before* the event ends. Once the event is over you'll be able to disenchant any leftover materials into Blue Essence. You can read more details about the process here;
: Lost 18 LP, win 19 LP, then lost 24 LP.... Riot doesn't know wtf their system is doing.
> So yea, don't believe any of that crap they give you about MMR's because the MMR difference between the teams vary, man. Matchmaking tries to give you an even match (which would result in more consistent LP gains) but it can't always do that, so you'll get more or less LP to compensate for a harder or easier match. Or you know, it's just random...
: my hextech triumph
I got three 520 skins and a 1350, and rerolled the 3 for Buccaneer Tristana. Close enough.
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