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: Hey, this is the first art contest I'm entering and I was wondering, is it alright if we post our submition to deviantart before the contest winners are announced? And also I read that the maximum file size is 5mb... Which is gonna be a problem cause I completely missed that part and rushed to make my entry and so I ended up starting on a really big high res canvas on Photoshop (6gb at the moment) which I'm guessing will probably be 50-100mb when I save the final in .jpeg form and it's kinda too late to restart. That being said, can I just submit a link to my deviantart with the image in full size there or is that not allowed?
There's no way you're gonna save out a 50mb jpeg unless your canvas is like 30,000x30,000 pixels or something... and you can just resize the image in photoshop whenever you want or on export. Getting it to 5mb should not be an issue or cause you to loose much quality.


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