Main Line (OCE)
: Yeah these changes have introduced so many bots... yesterday I was the only human in a co-op vs AI intermediate game.
yeah having something new takes too long to keep the attention of players up
: So I high-rolled on a level up capsule today, getting a 6300 champ shard (of a champ I already own). It disenchants for 1260 BE (1/5th), and still feels disappointing. And the new rune system is trash, it's geared towards nuking someone 100-0 in under a second... apparently that's progress...
yup, the hard work's reward doesn't feel like its worth it
HeartVine (OCE)
: > This way, you're attracting more scripters or botters which makes the game more trashy. Got to agree with this. I've encountered more bots recently (last couple weeks or so, while doing Project missions) in coop VS AI than I had in the months prior. It's really got on my nerves, especially when I end up playing a match on my main, get a bot or two, then switch to my smurf to play a game (both for FWotD) and end up with one of the bots I just played with. And believe it or not, I've recently encountered a "jungle bot" (which apparently exist now), which *only* killed the Gromps, then walked back to base and waited for them to respawn. Like I understand that sh!t is dealt with in waves, but it's really starting to get ridiculous how many bots I'm encountering, as well as all the people complaining about the amount of bots they encounter. Riot really needs to step up their game with bots, otherwise they're just going to lose the "VS AI" and "ARAM" groups of the community, and considering the "VS AI" accounts for basically all their new players, they'll have to do something if they don't want to go under.
yeah, the runes are great and all but the in-game cash(BE) becomes so hard to get and they expect people to just play with the champs they don't want to use. I main Kled, I cant transfer my account from the Philippines because it's on Garena and now I'm forced to play the free rotation and even the 450 champs are hard to get... I'm currently level 18 and it takes me 1 week to get a maximum of 100-300 BE, which is still not enough for the 450s.
Wean (OCE)
: Yeah, this happens to me as well. At the moment, you get 50 Blue Essence after completing First Win of the Day. Wish that Riot has some other missions coming up this month that gives us generous amount of straight up Blue Essence if we complete them, or provide tokens that we can exchange for Blue Essence, and I would say 100 Blue Essence per 1 token would be good.
Yup, that only shows how much riot needs our money..... Hope they change this immediately cause it's really frustrating to play like a god in a game but still get trashy rewards, oh nvm they don't give rewards every endgame anymore......
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