: Why is being toxic so bad?
So I got chat restricted after I complained to this kid about him leaving me to gank top and resulting me to die. I said like, "whyd you leave me? fuk u". I regarded this to him as a joke and not to be taken seriously. And somehow he got super offended and asked me why I was so toxic for. I told him I wasn't being toxic. Then his friend joined along and said in all chat, "report yasuo. toxic". I replied in all chat, "but im not being toxic..." He ignored me and continued playing. Soon, I died and he spam pinged me. I replied with a simple, "fuck off, please". And then him and his friend started calling me "bad" "trash" "garbage player",while I was doing perfectly fine with like 9/5 score. He, on the other hand, was 4/2ish that did not contribute anything to the success of the game. I flamed him back, like what a normal person would do. I told him something along the lines of, "Like you're doing anything good, My flames are never direct. I've never said like, "You're fucking retarded bro, you fucking piece of shit. Kill yourself." even though I did think he was a piece of shit. My flames were more sarcastic. Then towards the end of the game, he says in all chat, "report yasuo, most toxic person ive ever met". "replied with a simple "lol". Couple hours later, I get chat restricted. I deserved the chat restrction but i doubt he got it because there were two people agreeing that i was the most toxic person ever. I deserved that chat restriction. I was a piece of shit and I dont regret any of it. Some people just can't take fucking jokes. :/ So now, I can't be open and talk to everyone because there will always be that piece of shit that complains. I don't like taking shit so I'm gonna flame back and yeah. Im toxic yes


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