: Gold 5, was Gold 3 Season 4 however due to inactivity as i did not have a team, found my way back into Silver but got myself back into Gold this season. I let my skills in the Field of Justice do the talking, add me and we can have a trial I can play any role well. Looking for that serious team to take the game to the next level.
We are serious, just need players who have the time and commitment.
: Do you have to be nz or is Aussie okay??
Aussie is okay, We need players so head on over to the website!
: could i join main adc since s3 :)
Replied to ya on the site :) welcome aboard
: Could I please join, Plat 5 mid laner, main Viktor.
You sure can! Head on over to the website and register. Then introduce yourself on the forums! Teo others have joined as well
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