: Thanks for taking the time to answer. I spent a while trying to come up with a champion that mixed Mages and Fighters somehow, so what I was focusing on was abilities with AP scaling that would somehow allow him to have strong auto attacks to finish them off. The scaling on his passive is probably way off but could you please read this and give me some feedback on it. I haven't got a name yet for him or his abilities but he's meant to be a sort of rogue that uses a blade and magical potions/bombs. Anyway here he is: Passive: He gains around 30-40% of his AP as AD and 50-60% of his AD as AP (does not stack with each other) 1st Ability: He throws a magical bomb at the target area, dealing 50/70/100/150/200 magic damage plus 60% of his AP and marking enemies hit for 5/6/7/8/9/10 seconds. He can re-activate the ability to blink to target marked enemy. Enemies marked take 30% more damage from auto attacks from him. Cooldown: 12 at all ranks Mana cost: 40 2nd Ability: He dashes forward a moderate distance ( I have no idea how far units in LOL are) and throws a magical dust in a cone in front of him at the end of the dash and also at any enemies hit by the dash. Enemies hit take 20/40/60/80/100 magic damage over 3 seconds and are blinded ( a Quinn blind not a teemo blind) and marked to take 30% more damage from his auto attacks over 10 seconds. Cooldown: 17/16/15/14/13 Mana cost: 50 at all ranks 3rd Ability: He drinks a potent brew of potions, becoming invisible and gaining the ability to walk through walls for 4 seconds. When he attacks an enemy or the duration ends, he smashes a potion on the ground, slowing enemies by 60% for 3 seconds and marking enemies for 10 seconds take 3% of his AP every second and take 30% more damage from his auto attacks for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 22/21/20/19/18 Mana cost: 70 at all ranks Ultimate: All marked enemies take 100/200/300 (80% AP) magic damage and are slowed by 70% for 4 seconds. All enemies affected by this gain another mark which means they take double damage from his auto attacks for 15 seconds. The cool down on his Q is massively reduced. Cooldown: 100/80/60 seconds. Mana cost: 100 at all ranks Thanks for reading! Sorry about all the bad wording and stuff but hopefully you managed to decode it! Ive almost finished reading all your concepts so keep on posting to give me inspiration! Thanks, Max
**Not a worry, glad I could help out. Alright, I'll do my best to give feedback on your champion concept draft:** *** **Passive:** So when looking at his passive, I see what you were trying to go with; similar in how Vladimir's passive deals in Health/AP, you were going for AD/AP. I can see how this would be useful for a fighter/mage. The scaling, as you guessed, is pretty strong. Just to take your scaling as an example: *If your champion possessed 500 innate Ability Power from natural scaling and items, he gains 150-200 Attack Damage. Or if your champion possessed 250 innate Attack Damage from natural scaling and items, he gains 125-150 Ability Power.* Both 500AP and 250AD are very real stats that someone could achieve in a game, so when you put an extra 175AD or 137AP on top of that, you make your champion very strong in three aspects: - They now have adaptability; the ability to fulfill any role they needed to. - They now have counterplay; the ability to adapt to an enemy team composition by building heavily into both AD and AP, but without any warning to the enemy team as to which direction you may go. - They now have a lot of damage; the scaling granted from the passive not only give strong innate AD for auto attacks, but these will affect the scaling of your champion's abilities heavily. If you wanted to lower the scaling to even it out, that's perfectly fine. My suggestion here would be to instead grant your abilities attack damage scaling only, but with magic damage as it's primary source. A common misconception league players have is that they think that **because an ability scales with Attack Damage it automatically becomes physical damage, or because an ability scales with Ability Power it automatically becomes magic damage.** In most cases you'll find that some abilities have a dual-scaling *(AD and AP)*. What you need to look for there is **what the damage type is**. A good example of this is Shyvana: Her abilities scale best with Attack Damage, but the only aspect of her kit that is physical damage is her auto attacks and Q ability. The rest may scale with Attack Damage really well, but the damage itself is magical. Perhaps incorporating that line of thinking into your kit will make it easier to flow and balance. *** **First Ability:** Looking first at the damage scaling aspect of this skill, try keep it consistent throughout all level growth. Here in your ability, you've made his base damage growth **50/70/100/150/200**. The growth per ability level is askew in several places: 1-2 (+20), 2-3 (+30), 3-4 (+50), 4-5 (+50). If you can keep it consistent, that helps when balancing a champion concept, such as: **50/75/100/125/150 (+25 growth)** or **50/90/130/170/210 (+40 growth)**, as an example. As for the Attack Damage scaling, 60% is a very balanced scaling value, so well done there. I'll leave it up to you whether you would want to increase that scaling further, but I wouldn't push it beyond 70-75%. 30% increased damage by auto attacks is a massive amount, especially if we consider that this concept will always have Attack Damage via his or her passive. Also, as we look further down your kit, you have made two other abilities which increases AA damage by *another* 30% twice, creating a potential for 90% increased damage. Lets say your champion had built roughly 250 Attack Damage with a 50% Critical Strike Chance for 200% damage. If that champion then decided to auto attack someone with both of these debuffs, the damage totally would be increased by 90%. So if your champion hit someone for 250 physical damage normally, which critically strikes (200%) to bring that up to 500 physical damage. Then take 90% of that damage *(475)* and add that onto the damage dealt, making it a total of **975 physical damage per critical strike**. Obviously an enemy's Armour and items would be taken into account for this, but also remember that your items and stats come into it as well: Lethality, Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Damage (via Infinity Edge), and Attack Speed. I'll let you think about all of that because it is a lot to take in - feel free to ask questions on my reasoning there if you didn't understand it. Now when you advertised a Fighter-Mage to me, there are several things we can associate with these roles: - Fighters are known as the types who can give and take damage. Their damage potential and defensive potential is moderate, and their mobility is low-moderate as well. - Mages are known as the types who can dish out a lot of damage and moderate crowd control via abilities. However, to counter this, their defensive and mobility potential are limited. - When we combined a Fighter and a Mage, we find two common themes: Higher Damage and Low Mobility. By giving your champion a blink ability to all marked enemies (which is a high mobility move for any champion in any role), that is giving me the impression that this champion is more a Slayer (Assassin) than a Fighter/Mage - especially when we note that your second ability is also more mobility (Assassin Trait) and your third ability offers invisibility (Assassin Trait). I would consider looking into your abilities further to give them another purpose, or to change the role of your champion concept to a Slayer more than a Fighter. On the whole: It is a nice ability in its basic overall form, but not suited to a Fighter-Mage, and not balanced with its current scaling. *** **Second Ability:** The mobility has been talked about in the last ability, as well as the 30% damage increase, so I won't talk about those further. The blind itself, even a Quinn-type blind, is slightly too strong at three seconds considering it has the potential to hit multiple enemies. Perhaps it will only blind those for a shorter amount of time, and only if they are faceing your champion when he or she throws the dust. Add an AD or AP scaling to your damage - I'd consider raising either the base damage or scaling amount, as 20/40/60/80/100 is very low base stats if they are not accompanied by a scaling amount. **For example: Yasuo's Q has a base scaling of 20/40/60/80/100, but also possess a 100% Attack Damage scaling to accompany it.** Again, the ability as its own concept is an interesting one and could be fun to use - but perhaps not in the hands of a Fighter/Mage. *** **Third Ability:** The invisibility and damage increase have been talked about earlier, so I won't cover those. The slow within such a close range after invisibility is interesting, however I would either lower the slow duration or make the slow *decay over time* because 60% for 3 seconds is a huge amount over a decent time. *** **Ultimate:** So to kick this one off, I just want to say that I like how your ultimate interacts with your marked enemies. It brings a nice synergy to your kit and makes it flow a bit more smoothly. The base damage is strong, but not overly so. The scaling is also pretty good too, so nice work there. However, considering the strength of your champion's Q right now, the reduced cooldown would probably throw that ability into overdrive and shatter any balance it had left. Just food for thought there. I did want to touch on the damage aspect once more here, because you just told me now that the damage potential has been doubled: Meaning (and this depends on your intent, and I wasn't sure of the meaning of your words) that his auto attack's now deal 200% damage - *like a critical strike* - or the potential 30/60/90% bonus damage is now increased to 60/120/180%. To bring back my example of 250 AD and Critical Strike Chance (200%), hitting an enemy with a critical strike would bring that damage to 500. Increasing that damage by a further 200% brings it to **1000 physical damage** ***per hit***. If you had Infinity Edge and some attack speed items, that damage can pop up to 1200 physical damage per critical strike, while also bring able to inflict it at the rate of once a second *minimum!* The damage potential here is just a bit too overloaded and may need to be re-valued or re-structured. *** **Overall:** I like the concepts of each ability individually, and I like how the ultimate synergises with the whole kit. There are just a few main points I'd like you to take away from this review though: - **AD/AP as Physical/Magical Damage:** Remember that just because an ability scales a particular way, doesnt mean its damage has to as well! This small change to your kit to give it a single scaling method - either AD or AP - while mixing the damage types between physical and magical will reduce that champion's ability for counterplay via excess adaptability. - **Compare Your Scalings With Pre-Existing Champions:** If you are unsure if your scalings are too strong, too weak, or too abstract; check a League Champion that already exists. Chances are those scalings are bound to be accurate, so find an ability that closely resembles yours, or one where the base damage/target type is similar, and use it to help balance your scaling. - **Make Sure Your Kit Matches Your Role:** You wouldn't give Jhin the ability to bring asteroids raining down from the sky, nor would you give Miss Fortune the ability to globally heal every ally on the map. Make sure the roles you are advertising to your viewers do match the kit you are giving to them too. If you ever feel yourself stuck on this one, just ask yourself: *"When I think of a* **[Insert Role Here]**, *what do I think of?"* **For example: When I think of a Slayer/Assassin, what do I think of? I think of high mobility, high burst, invisibility and camouflage, low defence..."** - **Nobody Ever Gets It Right The First Time:** Don't get discouraged if you find your concept lacking in some areas! I can guarantee you there is always a silver lining. You may have a brilliant ability concept or thematic aspect people love, despite other flaws your concepts as a whole might have. Riot keeps champion designs locked up for months before they even think about releasing a champion to the community! So don't give up: Keep designing, use every mistake you do as a reason to get better at it. You will notice the difference with that sort of mindset - trust me. **I hope that helped you out!**
DipperOCE (OCE)
: dont do ms paint drawings
That... didn't really answer the question. Or are you saying that removing the paint drawings would make her no longer overloaded?
: Two words Over loaded
Alright, fair enough. Is there any suggestions you could make to help solve*(or at least make a dent in)* the problem without compromising her theme?
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: Wow, I checked some of these out, they are amazing! I've tried coming up with champion ideas but they always end up either A) Completley and utterly OP B) Completely and utterly useless C) Too similar to an actual league champion. Any suggestions on how to overcome this?
**TL;DR:** Find one aspect that grabs your attention. Build that aspect to encompass a lore, thematic aspect, and a kit synergy. From there, fill in the holes to your ability kit by adding abilities around your synergy. Once the kit, lore, and theme is complete, polish it up by adding proper values where needed and final names for your abilities and champion. Always consider the items ingame already and your champion's roles when taking into account values such as scaling, mana costs, and cooldowns. (I'd read the whole things anyway, but if not this pretty much sums up the important bits haha. Any other questions just let me know)
: Wow, I checked some of these out, they are amazing! I've tried coming up with champion ideas but they always end up either A) Completley and utterly OP B) Completely and utterly useless C) Too similar to an actual league champion. Any suggestions on how to overcome this?
Thanks for that! Honestly I would just find one thing you find interesting about a champion. That one point can be a thematic aspect, a lore aspect, or an ability aspect. I'll use Maverick as an example, where I picked an ability-aspect as my point of interest: - *My original interest in Maverick was his W ability; an ability that allows the use of targeting allies with basic attacks and healing them.* **(WARNING: WALL OF TEXT INC)** Picking that idea, you should build on what type of person you want your concept to be: - If you chose a thematic aspect, writing a brief lore or story behind your champion can be a good way to get started. I'll use a random concept as an example. *EG: If you liked the soldier aspect, think about a particular time in Runeterra history that involved a war he/she could be in, such as Demacia vs Noxus, Noxus vs Ionia, etc.* - If you picked a lore aspect, find an area about that lore where you really enjoy a thematic aspect and build on that. *EG: My guy was a scholar who turned into a war-mage. I like the scholar part, but I really like his war-mage development and how he was in a war.* - If you picked an ability aspect, try find another ability that can synergise with it, or an ability that fits it thematically - you wouldn't want someone who uses a 4-shot pistol to suddenly make it rain asteroids from the sky! *EG: I like the ability that allows me to blow a cone of ice in a direction, dealing magic damage. If I could come up with another ability to this, it would be to make all enemies affected by the slow to freeze, stunning them for a time and dealing magic damage.* From there, build on your champion till you have covered a theme, a lore, and an ability synergy. - You have come up with a theme, and now have written a brief lore behind it. Now you should come up with abilities that match the persona of my champion. Again, if you have written about a mystery masked man that uses a pistol to paint and likes opera, you won't make his kit involve making the sky rain with asteroids or flinging giant balls of blue fire at people. *EG: I have a soldier; a war-mage who served Demacia on the front lines. I want his kit to involve some forms of Fire and Ice magic as he was a scholar at the College of Magic and that was his field of study. I want my kit to mix both fire and ice in some way*. Taking these points, you now have a basis for a theme, lore, and ability kit. You're a scholar/war-mage and soldier, you're adept at fire and ice magic, and your kit is going to involve these things. Start with your ability of choice or interest and use that as your starting point. With that ability, decide three things: - What is it used for? - Does it have the potential to synergise? - Does it fit the theme of my champion? Going back to the previous example, the chosen ability of choice would be your **Cone of Cold** (For want of a better name, we can call it that for now). Now, since you've decided on this to be your focal point, lets look at the three things to consider: - **What is it used for:** It will be a primary damage move. Since this is a primary damage move, it will either be highly effective with a higher cooldown (Such as Sion's Q), or less effective but with a lower cooldown (Such as Cassiopeia's E). For this example, it will be somewhere in the middle: Moderate Damage, Moderate Scaling, Moderate Cooldown. - **Does it have the potential to synergise:** Yes, it does. Being a ice spell, **Cone of Cold** should be able to slow my enemies by a low amount. I wanted it to synergise with another spell, **Snap Frost** (Again, just placeholders), to freeze enemies already slowed by my slows. - **Does it fit the theme of my champion:** Half yes. My champion is an ice **and** fire mage. I made this to appeal to my ice side, but now have to find a way to balance this with my fire side. With dual-aspects of a champion concept, such as ice and fire in this champion, you must find a way to make them interact. It may be as simple as clicking another ability that makes you switch forms, such as Elise or Jayce, or it could run of a resource meter, such as Gnar. For the purpose of this, lets say our Ice-Fire mage has an ultimate ability that allows him a school of magic. Since this is an ability, ask yourself those same three questions: What is it used for? Does it have the potential to synergise? Does it fit the theme of my champion? *(To switch roles, Yes with my two forms of spells, Yes it is the core ability for my Ice-Fire concept)* *** Now that you have your backbone for your ability kit: Two synergised abilities and one that ties them together. From there just fill in the gaps as you see fit. Scaling and damage is not important, and if you dont have exact numbers you could replace something like **40/90/140/190/240 (+60% Ability Power)** with **Low-Moderate Base Damage with Moderate Scaling off AP**. If you want exact figures, compare the damage stats of that ability to a pre-existing champion similar to yours. For the sake of an example, I'll fill in a kit for you to check out: >**Ultimate Ability: Cold Fire** *(I did this ability first just as an example to see how it would synergise with the kit)* >Switch forms between fire and ice. Fire spells use Cone of Fire, Ignition, and Burning Trails. Ice spells use Cone of Ice, Snap Freeze, and Glacial Path. Upon switching forms, all abilities have their current cooldown reduced by X seconds and my first spell will affect the target with both aspects of **Feel The Elements**. >**Low Cooldown** >**Passive: Feel The Elements** >Each of your damaging spells applies a debuff to enemies for a few seconds based on your form. Fire deals **very low** damage per second while Ice slows by a **very small amount** over that time. >**First Ability: Cone of Cold/Cone of Fire** >Cone of Cold fires a blast of ice in a cone shape, dealing **Moderate Magic Damage (Moderate AP Scaling)** to all enemies hit and affecting them with **Feel The Elements**' cold aspect. >Cone of Fire blasts enemies in a cone with fire, dealing **Low Magic Damage (Moderate-High AP Scaling)** to all enemies hit and affecting them with **Feel The Elements**' fire aspect. >**Moderate Cooldown.** >**Second Ability: Snap Freeze/Ignition** >Snap Freeze causes all enemies affected with **Feel The Elements**' ice aspect to freeze in place, dealing **Low-Moderate Magic Damage (Low AP Scaling)** instantly and stunning them in place for **X** time. >Ignition causes all enemies affected with **Feel The Elements**' fire aspect to combust, increasing the damage over time effect to **Moderate AP Damage (Moderate AP Scaling)** damage over X seconds and to lower their armour by X amount. >**High-Moderate Cooldown.** >**Third Ability: Glacial Path/Burning Trails** >When using Glacial Path, you dash in a direction of your choice and leave behind a path of ice. Enemies hit by the dash take **Moderate Magic Damage (Low-Moderate AP Scaling)** and the path left behind will slow enemies by X% amount and apply **Feel the Elements- Cold Aspect** to them. >When using Blazing Trails, you dash in a direction of your choice and leave behind a path of fire. Enemies hit by the dash take **moderate Magic Damage (Low-Moderate AP Scaling)** and the path left behind will burn them for **Low Magic Damage (Very Low AP Scaling)** per second and apply **Feel the Elements- Fire Aspect** to them. >**High Cooldown.** Now that you have a kit put together, all the hard work is done! Now the polishing up begins! When polishing up, add scalings and damage scores, proper cooldown and resource costs, think of a good name for abilities *(And totally not the first thing that came to your mind like me)*, think of a good character name and title *(If you didnt do one already in your lore)*, and then format the concept in a way that appeals to the audience. That can include bold, italics, underlines, boxes, etc. Things to consider: - A little goes a long way: Meaning, dont go overboard on the bold, italics, bold italics, etc. People still want to read your content without having their attention grabbed by several different styles. Use them to separate ideas or bring the audience's attention to something important. - Cooldowns!!: When coming up with cooldowns, it is important to remember the most important feature that is **Cooldown Reduction Items**. A 10 second cooldown on a strong abilility with high damage may seem like a lot, but when you add a potential 45% CDR to that? Yeah, 5.5 seconds on that giant Area of Effect stun you were planning. Always consider CDR potential. - Mana Costs: If you are creating a champion with a mana resource, consider one important detail: Does this type of champion normally build mana items? In the case of a marksman, my likely guess is no, so your mana costs will be down. But mages? Yeah, they're using spells the most often out of every class except some supports - and even those supports most likely have mage as their secondary role. Are they more likely to build mana items? Yeah they are, and there are loads of mana items they can build into, from Morellonomicon to Rod of Ages. Always consider the mana items available for your type of champion. - Does my kit match my role: If you advertised a tank, but that tank is using abilities with high damage, high scaling, high burst, and low cooldown... Yeah, that's an assassin, not a tank. Remember to advertise what you are selling. If it seems stuck between two roles, then add a **Primary** and **Secondary Role** to your concept. Almost all league champions have two roles, so it is alright for yours to sport two as well - just make sure one is more dominant than the other. - Critics: This is a big one. People are going to comment on your kit telling you whats wrong with it: That is a given! Even the best concept creators have critics telling them they forgot to clean that one spot. **This is not them telling you that you are a bad concept creator!!!** Take what they give you as constructive criticism, and decide on whether it is viable to consider their point of view. It could be something as simple as your damage scalings are way off, or you messed up your spelling.
Anıma (OCE)
: There's a facebook group for stuff around Canterbury and such but that's all I know. It's called Southern Summoners
Awesome thanks for the heads up, it's a good place to start looking
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: OOL team Requiem looking for a Support.
Hey guys! Names SuppLivesMatter (not MG Guardian, ignore that part). Just transferred over from NA so I was looking for a team to fill into. I am a support main, and if you have any questions or anything you can add me ingame and message me, or view this post for more information (I made a LFG post a little while ago so thats what this is): http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment/zgZj37Qk-casual-support-main-looking-for-an-adc-to-try-ranked-with Cheers!
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Well... that escallated quickly.
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Gabbu (OCE)
: Hey! I'm steering towards Zelda or Star Guardian Janna for a group cosplay for my next convention :) I do hope to do Katarina one day when I'm more comfortable with my body however. And yes! I have thought about doing PP Leona, if I ever have a beach event to go to I'll probably get stuck into making her :) Thanks for the comment!
Haha Zelda sounds awesome, SG Janna might be tricky but should be a bit of fun! Well you're out to have fun, and so are the other cosplayers so I wouldnt worry - besides the cosplays are awesome work so far, you could pull Katarina off if you want to! A pool party event would be wicked! I'd love to try out PP Draven or Lee Sin if that event ever came around. Probably lee, don't think I could grow the mo. Best of luck to you!
Gabbu (OCE)
: thank you :)
What is than plan for your next cosplay? Are you going to go ahead with the Kalista, or head towards something new? It may be a little different, but have you thought of pulling off a Pool Party Leona?
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Cosplay Spotlight - Gabbu
Nice work Cosplaying, looks great! Keep it up!
xSynx (OCE)
: Hi mate, Just tried adding you and can't seem to. Im a B4 ADC main, JG as my offrole. Having a bad streak atm and looking to turn it all around and get out of bronze. Hit me up and we can talk, im 25, got a mic and a discord channel we can use :)
Hey man! Sorry my new ign is SuppLivesMatter - not Mg Guardian anymore. Not sure why my old name and server are still on here but thats alright. Are you xSynx ingame as well? Wouldn't mind pairing up with someone down on their luck, see what happens!
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