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Doom bots. It was a creative game mode, have you ever thought about taking some mechanics from the game mode and adding them to new champs such as Ziggs bomb exploding into more bombs?
Meddler (NA)
: What we're currently looking at (note this is experimental, so could well change tomorrow) is slightly lower resistances on Molten Shield, with Tibbers also getting the resistance bonuses as well plus a brief movement speed boost. One of the big goals there, in addition to balance changes, is to make casting Molten Shield a bit more interesting and add a bit of extra depth to how you micro Tibbers.
Why not take influence from the cinematic? Make her throw her teddy bear as an animation for her ult so it could have missile speed similar to how the balance team did with Corki's Q. That way there is at least a time gap for players to dodge Tibbers. However, it kinda makes flash Tibber plays less impactful. Also you could give an Orianna passive to Tibbers so actually macro-ing Tibber's auto attacks make an actual influence, and since he's a melee character with such a slow movement speed make it so he can gain movement speed per auto which give him the fierce aspect from the cinematic. Just make it so he's actually dynamically interactive during a team fight and actually a threat from beginning of cast to the end of his life cycle.


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