: So whats the go? this happening?
Not yet unfortunately. We're seeing something odd where the change works fine on internal servers but then does nothing when applied to Oce. Looking into why that is, will update once it's addressed and patched out.
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Nightjar (OCE)
: what happens if we miss the remake (because sometimes we fail to notice the remake) and so we have 4 players at 15min? Can we still do the ff@15 if we can get 4/4 players to agree or 3/3 in the case of a duo dc? I know it'd be counted as a loss but winning a 4v5 is hard, and so maybe ff@15min might be useful here if we missed the remake window and we're stupid and so yes we should lose the lp or whatever, but at least we don't have to suffer 20min of getting outnumbered and brutalised.
Yes, it's 100% of players on the team at the time, so 4/4 would work.
If you don't like it, vote no. This early surrender approach we're testing here will never apply to you if you don't want it to.
sh00zyz (OCE)
: Just to clarify, the whole team has to agree if they want to forfeit at 15, and past 20 minutes, only 4 members still have to agree with surrender?
: How often are surrenders 5/5 vs 4/5? Is there any point testing a 5/5 required surrender, when its going to be such a tiny portion of games? This is aimed at fixing "bad" games, I presume you mostly mean games with trolls and feeders, This isn't a fix for those issues, do you have any data on how often trolling/inting players vote not to surrender? Games with intentional feeders and trolls are the ones we want to get out of, how does a 5/5 vote help us?
I don't have surrender data available at the moment (posting from home since it's late here). From memory 5 man surrenders are fairly close in frequency to 4 man ones though. There are certainly issues with players looking to feed, troll etc sometimes. This change isn't intended to target those situations- surrendering earlier there is a slight bandaid at best on a bigger problem that we should be working on in other ways (reducing frequency of that behavior, not just reducing duration your game is ruined for before it ends). What we wanted to explore instead was whether there was value in letting a team end things early if they all agreed they wanted out. Even with really sportsman like players that will happen sometimes if things just don't go your way.
: Why Surrender at 15? Some games are lost even at the 10 minute mark (in rare cases)
We wanted to start by testing a moderately earlier time to get an idea of how much extra use an earlier surrender would get without extreme changes - assess the impact of that, then consider testing other timings potentially. We also wanted to avoid situations that encouraged the occasional player who complains the game is over as soon as anything goes wrong when it's still extremely winnable (enemy jungler got first blood, let's open mid etc). 15 minutes felt like a good starting time as a result to target where we hope players will have given the game at least a moderate amount of time to see if it's really not going to happen or not before suggesting a surrender.
: How often do you predict this function will be used?
Our expectation is that it will be pretty uncommon but, when it does get used feel like a decent relief for the team using it. Infrequent, but high impact basically. That's very much a theory though that hasn't been proven, hence this test to look at things like whether the unanimous requirement is the correct approach, whether we've got the timing right, if player behavior towards their team changes at all etc.
: Wow thanks Riot for responding, I thought you never would :)
Welcome! I try and drop by the Oce forums every so often to see what's going on here (apologies this reply's so late).
: Champion concept idea
Using basic attacks as light hit that sets up powerful follow up abilities has some pretty cool potential. Might be able to do some cool stuff if you take the concept a bit further and really concentrate the power of the combos rather than spreading it around as much (e.g. jabs only deal 50% of the damage of a normal attack, follow up shots are really powerful against open targets). What sort of appearance and background did you have in mind for this character? Could be some opportunities to tie follow up strikes in with some more thematic hooks beyond 'boxer' too.
: Will OMEN ever be released?
It's incredibly unlikely we'll go back to Omen. He was never finished and there are a lot of other champion concepts we believe are better choices to put the time into instead.
ItsLife (OCE)
: Kindred Release Date???
Hopefully early next week with 5.20 (odds seem high, always the risk of unknown bugs cropping up with patches though).
: is that a southern cross I see? that's a pretty legit idea for something that represents both AUS and NZ... its a shame john key wants to change the NZ flag tho
> [{quoted}](name=Hugh Lovett,realm=OCE,application-id=3fteLeTW,discussion-id=yHhIOYjO,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2015-09-29T03:49:04.399+0000) > > is that a southern cross I see? that's a pretty legit idea for something that represents both AUS and NZ... I had a similar reaction when someone first mentioned the idea at the office here, really stood out as a multi country thing, in contrast with the various pop culture or historical themed ideas suggested. Lot of those were cool, but either really single country or concepts that didn't travel well to wider audiences (plus as a kiwi must admit I'd have been personally been a bit sad to see us go with something that didn't have at least some NZ connection).
: Are you guys currently planning on making more champions where abilities (not necessarily an ultimate like Last Breath) cannot be casted unless the target enemy champion (or monsters etc) are under some form of CC (Last Breath --> Airborne)? Also, Ao Shin is a dragon based on 'wind' so far...could his ultimate be him diving into a target location, since he's based on a Chinese styled dragon, when he flies it should be in a slithering fashion throughout he air, 'fly' really quickly around the target area and shifting all enemy champions caught in the AoE to be shifted 180 degrees clockwise (or anticlockwise for aesthetics) so with Ao Shin around, the tank can no longer 'body block' for carries?
Abilities with conditions to cast are something we're planning to explore more. We've currently got a kit in testing for example that includes an ability that can only be cast on crowd controlled allies (not a cleanse, but something else that lets you help out). That particular ability might not make the cut, the direction's something that seems pretty interesting though.
: Any new breakthroughs on Lissandra's passive rework? Personally I think it's pretty alright as it is, but the shield idea sounded interesting
Couldn't find a way to do the shield that gave interesting gameplay without adding significant power to her. Given her current popularity and effectiveness that doesn't seem appropriate, so no current plans. Will reassess if that changes or if we feel we need to take power out of her somewhere else.
tochochom (EUW)
: Hi! What were you exactly thinking when you designed Gnar? Transformation system is odd. I mean, it feels like a champion that will never be able to be in a good spot in competitive play because it is too unreliable and easy to counter, and if he was picked that would mean he is way too overpowered. He is pretty fun to play though :D Also, I heard riot would consider designing champions with a similar transformation style. I thought it could work for a support!!! I mean, mini gnar can have crazy kiting and dmg while being small, and be a massive tank that provides CC on TFs... Which makes gnar hard to build and predictable and avoidable on TF. A support which can't control transformations (I was thinking about the transformation changing after X seconds automatically, although other mechanisms could also work). I believe it would create very interesting laning phases and curious gameplay, because you would be able to give him a strong kit with many solid skills. I mean, imagine you gave him a similar skill to thresh lantern or blitzcranck hook! both bot laners would instantly change their playstile aaccording to transformations. And both teams interact with the mechanic! ( teams would decides when to be agressive/play safer/coordinate ganks...). About the actual champion, you have infinite possibilities... I was thinking in maybe a darkness-light theme or anything related to opposed elements, maybe Q being one AOE heal which reduces the radius and increases healing of the skill over time in one form and reduces resistances in the other one, for example
With Gnar we wanted a transformation that felt really different to other form swapping characters, partly out of your control, with playing around that being one of the key skills to learn on him. I think a balanced Gnar does have a home in competitive play (if you've got a team that can set up his transforms well, or if the enemy has a team that isn't well suited to dealing with them), I don't think he should be as universal a pick as he can be at the moment though. Another champion with a partially controlled, or even uncontrolled but predictable, transform's something we'd be open to someday. No current plans for one though.
Noobleah (OCE)
: Haro! Just asking what is your favourite food? my favourite food is **CHICKEN** :D
Pheenom (EUW)
: You've worked in the devolopment of two champs that can change form, ¿could you say what are your thoughts about Quinn? ¿Any ideas about reworking her kit ?
I think she'd benefit a lot from her ultimate having a clearer purpose. At the moment it's a combination of mobility over a period of time, melee damage and an execute. Picking one or two of those to really focus power in could give her a much clearer niche in the game.
: Thanks for doing this! When you do power budgeting for a champion, do you use a numeric system or a "go by feel" system? Is power budgeting done by assigning numeric values to things such as mobility, damage, crowd control, and utility, or do you rely more on your experience making champions to come to a conclusion? Thank you for your time! Choingler
A combination of qualitative assessment (no mobility, high range, moderate tankiness etc as we define strengths and weaknesses) and extensive playtesting primarily. Numbers comparisons can be really useful for some things that are easy to objectively (damage in a burst combo or effective health for example), but can be really misleading when you're trying to assign values to complex aspects of a champion that don't necessarily compare well (how many points is Tremor Sense on Rek'Sai worth compared to the reveal on Lee Sin's Q and E?).
Happiest (OCE)
: Is DFG really going to be taken out? If so what are the replacements?
Yes it'll be taken out (there's a post in the thread somewhere from Xypherous that outlines the key reasons we think that's a good choice). We'll add in an alternative large AP item to replace it, not sure on details/timing yet though.
Reticent (OCE)
: Will Alistar get a new quotes/voice-over to go with his rework?
Not to go with the current changes. We ended up with some spare model/texture time, so took the opportunity to improve those while other disciplines were all busy with other work.
: Hi Meddler, I was wondering why the {{champion:134}} nerfs were so heavy? I can understand the q damage getting nerfed until she gains her passive at level 9, but many people feel that her stun is going right through opponents now. It feels like you are no longer rewarded for landing her skillshots anymore whether it be her q during the laning phase, or her q+e at all times of the game making her way less effective for teamfights and winning the game. Will her crucial stun for surviving and making plays ever be fixed? :/
We've been talking about that today. Bigger nerf than desired's the initial reaction, and spheres clearly going through a target that then isn't stunned isn't intended. We'll follow up on that.
: Hey, guys ! Hope you still lurk around here to answer our questions. I have a few, because I'm doing a **paper on League of Legends** and your answers (the more Rioters, the merrier) would help me a lot. 1. Statement. First off, female champions are a third of the total champions. Question: **How do you guys see that? Or Riot in general? is it a good ratio or do you think it could be improved? ** I'm asking this because feminists would argue that it has to be more or less 50% females, but there is this understanding that males would not use female characters because they feel emasculated. To this last argument, though, I have my male, straight friends who play females because of possible sexual desires/frustrations, etc. 2. Meddler, you've worked on Lissandra, who is one of my three favourite characters, I need to ask: **why did you give her those sexual innuendo jokes? It doesn't seem cohesive with her character at all. ** Also, there are several other female champions that have this issue, that are sexualised where there's no need, another example would be Elise, overall, Nidalee's dance or Janna with her joke (the hotline one). I get Ahri's thing, Eve's too, even MF's. 3. And lastly have you noticed that a lot of the **female champions seem to fall into two categories?** Either be particularly frustrated about wanting vengeance or inflicting harm (My examples here would be : Katarina, Morgana, Lissandra, Sejuani, Diana, Syndra, Kalista, Zyra, Shyvana, Vayne, Cassiopeia, Irelia) or the relatively balanced ones: Ashe , Akali, Kayle, Poppy, Soraka, Anivia, Janna, Sona, Caitlyn, Karma, Vi, Leona, Nami ? Of course, there are the happy ones, like Lux, Lulu or the unhinged ones, Annie and Jinx come to mind, and a few other examples, but i find it harder and harder to find some good mages that have appealing mechanics and don't have a story of frustration, therefore not yelling about hey they will get vengeance or murder someone.
I can't speak for Riot as a whole, my personal opinions though: 1. I'd consider a roughly equal number of male and female champions to be appropriate. I could also see a good argument for some effectively genderless, or in determinant, champions in the mix as well (Malphite if he was just a living rock for example, rather than a character with a male voice referred to repeatedly with male pronouns). 2. Jokes tend to be somewhere where we break character a little bit, put in something a bit lighter hearted that'll add a bit of contrast. That was the intent with Lissandra's jokes from memory (didn't write them myself, not my area of expertise, but was involved in the discussion of them). Elise I'd agree feels unnaturally sexualised for her concept, I'd expect if we were making her today we'd either want to make her sex appeal a more central part of her kit or less of a focus. 3. Vengeance/anger's a motivation I think we've tapped into a bit much for new champs, regardless of gender. It's a theme we've been pulling back on a bit as a result (both in many recent releases and a number of upcoming champs).
: And what about Champ design?
Similar set of skills overall, though with an extra focus on thematic creativity and a bit less need for a strong understanding of current high level play.
vHasto (OCE)
: Do you have work from home? If someone was to be juggling work and schooling?
A number of people will work from home occasionally, particularly when they've got something they really need peace and quiet to focus on. Generally though that's something like a day every few weeks, the odd afternoon etc, not substantial periods of work offsite. Most of the design work we do tends to be really collaborative, so extensive remote work's not generally practical.
: Can you at least say how ready he was when you guys last worked on him, assets-wise? I'll understand if you can't. :) But wasn't the issue with a thematic issue? Or a Theme/Lore-Gameplay issue, rather than an Animations/Technical-Art-Gameplay? That's what I remember from past posts and comments about Ao Shin.
Not at all ready asset wise - issues like this tend to crop up in the proof of concept stage where you're experimenting with how to do something, rather than actually making it. There were some thematic and gameplay things we needed to answer as well, animation/model questions were some of the biggest ones though.
: if his body is serpent-like would it not be similar to the way {{champion:69}} was managed?
The prototype we were experimenting with had a longer body than Cass, particularly proportionate to its width. Cass also has the advantage of having a clear distinction between parts of her model (vertical versus horizontal), making it easier to communicate which parts of her are targetable.
Beats29 (EUW)
: Hi Meddler sorry for intruding on your AMA but I needed to respond this comment. 1st of all, many greets for creating Lissandra and Elise (please buff Elise to a lane mage again T.T). Their themes and playstyles are surely on my favorites. I simply love them, so fun champions to play along with great concepts. I'm hoping you to see more awesome concepts made by you, as well damn fun to play (Avé Ziggs!). 2nd, I already thanked you before, but on behalf EuW community, thank you so much for listening the feedback when doing some changes like you did about Urgot. We were feeling a bit step aside on that time, and that surely put smile on us, thank you so much. And no Xelnath, you weren't forgotten :P Now onto the question I was talking about, I've read you're testing changes for Annie since DFG was removed. Surely she probably will need some help, but aren't you concerned that she will return to the problem she was on S4 start as support? Specially after the nerfs to traditional supps like Sona? I think this is a very delicate issue. Cheers, and hope you're having fun with your AMA!
Seeing Annie support some of the time's not personally a concern - I think it adds some interesting variety to laning, team comps and champ select. If Annie's only played as a support though that would be a problem we'd want to adjust for, ensure she still feels useable as a solo mage as well. Not currently concerned about that, given the changes add power to Tibbers rewarding Annie's with solo lane XP to get ult ranks quicker, will definitely keep an eye on her post patch though.
Mansana (NA)
: Why not take influence from the cinematic? Make her throw her teddy bear as an animation for her ult so it could have missile speed similar to how the balance team did with Corki's Q. That way there is at least a time gap for players to dodge Tibbers. However, it kinda makes flash Tibber plays less impactful. Also you could give an Orianna passive to Tibbers so actually macro-ing Tibber's auto attacks make an actual influence, and since he's a melee character with such a slow movement speed make it so he can gain movement speed per auto which give him the fierce aspect from the cinematic. Just make it so he's actually dynamically interactive during a team fight and actually a threat from beginning of cast to the end of his life cycle.
A Tibbers throw would be an appropriate way of adding some counterplay to Annie's ult, agreed (and could look pretty cool too). I'd be a bit cautious about doing so though simply because, as a short ranged mage with no mobility, Annie relies really heavily on how reliable her play is once she can actually get into the right position. It's been a nice bit of variety to see Annie picked recently and I'd hate to see her vanish if we eroded a strength she's really dependent on that, while sometimes frustrating, isn't necessarily unhealthy. With you on making Tibbers more engaging in fights, would be cautious of a feast or famine approach with a movement speed increase though (if he can hit you, he can keep doing so, if he's not on you already he'll never get there).
: What were some of your favourite abilities that were scrapped for champions you designed?
Varus used to have the ability to set brush on fire. Was very cool, though only moderately useful and at least at the time we didn't have the engineering support to do the ability properly either (make it look good, temporarily remove brush etc). Hope we go back to that someday though. One of Gnar's first ults allowed him to devour an enemy champion, removing their vision and carrying them around in his belly while he dealt damage to them for a few seconds as they got digested, before spitting them out. Really liked the skill overall, didn't fit well with his limited control transformation however (was only accessible in Mega form of course), so we pulled it off. We're trying it again on another character in development right now, might not work out but very interested to experiment with it.
: Why do you end up discontinuing champions such as; Blind Monk, Omen, Sand mage. and end up releasing them again with different names. Lee sin, Rek sai, and Azir are all very fun champions why where they stoped in development long ago and then re released?
Sometimes champions don't work out and we'll cancel them. That was the case with Blind Monk, Omen and Sand mage. In the case of Blind Monk and Sand Mage we decided the core idea was worth trying again, and went back to them and gave it another shot. The versions of those champions that got released are really different to the originals that were stopped at the time though.
: out of curiosity what is your main?
I've played more Janna than anything else and she's still one of my main go to's if I really want to try hard :D
Meddler (NA)
: Meddler, Lead Champion Designer Q&A
Thanks for the chat all, I need to head off and grab food. Will drop back later tonight though and add in a few more replies.
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: hello meddler :D just curious to know how you became a game designer for riot, what uni degree did you have to get, what are riots requirements on choosing a game designer and i would love to know any advice on becoming a game designer, its my dream to become one and create characters just like you!! thank you :D
Riot tends to hire a lot of designers with analytical backgrounds (programming, engineering, hard sciences, maths etc), though that's because people with those backgrounds are more likely to have the sort of approach we're after, not that those are essential. I studied Geography and Film, TV, Media Studies initially then, after working for a few years, went back and picked up a Masters in Transportation Engineering. In terms of advice biggest thing I'd recommend is working on games directly, whether mods, flash games, board game prototypes or whatever. That both teaches you a lot about what works/doesn't and gives you some great examples to talk through/add to a Resume.
: If this is still going i would like to as a question What was the reason for Jinx's design, like why did you decide to give her non existence breasts unlike most of the female champions who has large breasts
Another reply that's relevant to this question: http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/bRM5LnY0-meddler-lead-champion-designer-qa?sort_type=recent&comment=00380000 TLDR though - we want to create a wide range of characters in LoL, and that includes a variety of different body types.
: Sounds like a pretty nifty setup, what kind of qualifications/resume do you look for in a potential balance/system worker?
Some of the most useful skills: Analytical abiliity Communication skills (both written and verbal) Demonstrated ability to drive on/own projects Understanding of both LoL and other competitive multiplayer games That stuff can be hard to demonstrate on a Resume sometimes, past work/study, pet projects, gaming background, written design tests etc come together to give a fairly good initial read on applicants though.
: A ton of moves were scrapped in the making of him - he started out as being very light in CC because he had the hook but... yeah. Off the top of my head, here's the things I remember trying: A punch which knocked back anyone but the primary target (Xin Zhao's current ult). Passive X-Ray eyes that could see through walls in a cone. Cage of Pain, which brought up a giant circular shock/slow 'fence' - like a super big wall of pain. Bullrush, where you got MS and flung anyone you moved through (multiple times, charging bull kind of deal) Throw - where you impaled someone on the anchor and then flung them and the anchor to a point of your choice 'Enrage' when a nearby ally got attacked (yeah...) I tend to cycle through skills a lot - I'm sure there was more that I can't remember. I just remember a long phase of Nautilus being 'A bull who sets up cages that he then chases people in.'
"Bullrush, where you got MS and flung anyone you moved through (multiple times, charging bull kind of deal)" Man, that was a memorable playtest. I recall one team fight near dragon, where Naut ulted and ran back and forth, juggling 3-4 of us in the air for about 5 seconds until we all died. I still wake up screaming occasionally...
Iku (OCE)
: Olaf and Taric, Once big factors in the game now just struggle . What are some proposed changes because there must be some floating around. My favourite 2 community ones and Tarics heal granting MS and Olaf gaining an MS boost whilst running towards his axe. Any insight?
Taric we'll be doing a substantial rework on (not Sion levels change, but bigger than most, is the expectation). Not aware of any current plans for Olaf, though agree he could use a little something, given his CC immunity though I'd be cautious about adding mobility to him though.
: Hey Meddler! What is your favourite part about designing a champion? Also, what is the most difficult part?
The initial brainstorming, particularly working with a small group that includes a writer and concept artist, is a lot of fun. I also really enjoy the end of the process, where all the assets come together in game and the character you've been working on from months goes from a recoloured version of another champion with placeholder effects and no voice to a real champion. A champion's release is also great too of course - finally get to share what you've been working on with a bunch of people and (hopefully!) watch them enjoy playing it. On the design side trying to nail down the final ability on the kit can be pretty tough sometimes. When you've got 3 of the 4 abilities figured out you're trying to figure out what the missing piece you need is, in a way that'll be healthy for the game, satisfying to play with, balanced, won't overlap too much with another champion etc. Sometimes those constraints give you a really clear picture of what's needed, sometimes they leave you feeling like you're really restricted in what you can do.
Pastel (NA)
: How has the way you've approached female champions changed since the game's initial release? I know a lot of earlier female champions were more sexualized during their conception than their current appearance due to various updates to that character. They also greatly differ from female champions released more recently, such as Kalista or Vi. I'd be really interested in hearing about the responses within Riot that may have pushed League into this direction.
Something we've been aiming for is to get a greater variety of appearances/tones for champions of both genders. There were a couple of years there where many of our female champions especially ended up looking pretty similar and we've been making an effort to try and avoid that. That's not to say we won't continue to make attractive champions, male and female, where appropriate for their character, but that we also want a wide range that includes champs like Kalista and Rek'Sai as well. I can't speak with personal experience about the intent around the game's initial release, that was well before my time at Riot. Certainly there seems to be a lot of support internally for the greater variety we've been exploring recently though.
Moonglade (OCE)
: Is Ao Shin going to be released at any time in the near future?
Someday, yes. Soon, no. One of the big problems we hit and need to solve was how we'd animate his long, serpentine body and how that would be treated in gameplay (how does it act when he turns, which bits are targetable etc).
: Hey Meddler! I just wanted to ask a few short questions . A: Are there going to be new legendary or ultimate skins coming out this season? B: Are you planning on making a weird or very different champion? C: Can you please delete Teemo he is so annoying ^_^? Keep up the great work! I am also amazed with the new dragon animations it looks amazing. Make more changes like that please !! I cant wait for a new ninja champion tho like zed. Maybe zeds brother :p
Can't comment on upcoming skins sorry, not my area of expertise. Definite yes on a weird/different champion, and one I'm really looking forward to playing myself come his/her release. Bit early to talk any real details, I did have an amusing playtest the other day when playing that champ though where the SR river crab turned out to be surprisingly helpful in combination with one of the spells on my kit though, which was a cool emergent moment. Teemo... And yeah, the SR team did a kickass job on the new jungle monster animations, the respawns especially I feel.
Martikle (NA)
: Hey Meddler, I was looking for feedback on this champ concept I made but it got no exposure, could you take a look at the kit? passive: Blinding Beam: Flik’s auto attacks charge up, slowing enemies by 10%, scaling up to 30% the longer he waits between attacks. This effect cannot occur on the same target within 6 seconds. Q: Flux/Zip: Shoots a ball of energy latching onto first ally in its path, tethering the ally and giving a short move speed buff. If cast again within the duration, it pulls Flik to his ally. W: Radiating Pulse: Emits energy at a target location, shielding allies for x amount split evenly among targets within area, dealing a small amount of damage and healing (50/75/100/100/100%) of damage dealt to marked targets E: Radiating Pulse: Emits energy at a target location, shielding allies for x amount split evenly among targets within area, dealing a small amount of damage and healing (50/75/100/100/100%) of damage dealt to marked targets R: Hextech Sanctuary: for .5 seconds then creates an energy bubble, knocking back all enemies within the bubble. The shield dissipates all incoming auto-attacks, abilities, and projectiles that hit the bubble. (the entire duration is channeled by Flik) [http://imgur.com/jmlsUXo](http://imgur.com/jmlsUXo)
Few quick thoughts: Is the goal with the passive that Flik will sometimes avoid attacking to charge up the slow? Could see that creating some interesting gameplay in lane, might just become a weak slow all the time in full on fights if he's just auto attacking constantly. Did you have a particular role in mind for Flik? The Q (as per image - you've double copied the E description in your post there) looks like a pretty solid general skill. Tagging an enemy for your team to focus down, with an extra reward for doing so, rewards and encourages good teamplay so that's a definite plus. The W might end up being a bit unreliable relative to its power (move to ally's a useful effect, but doesn't need to be limited as much move to enemy). Assuming you like the skillshot aspect could be a good spot to add something really cool and signature as an extra reward for comboing with an ally. I'd expect the E to run into problems because of the way it spreads the shield out between multiple people, which means that placing it so all the shield goes on a single person's almost always the best play (a 600 point shield spread between 5 people's 120 each, which a single weak AOE removes, on one person though it's 600 points of shield, which is really powerful). The ult would feel awesome to use, probably going to feel pretty tough to play against though. Something to think about there's what the action, as the enemy, that I should take to play against this ability? Knocking back enemies and then blocking spells and auto attacks from all directions is really powerful, so giving the enemy team a way to try and play around it (in addition to the initial delay) would make for an easier to balance and more enjoyable to play against skill.
: thank you very much for the answers so far, just one more question before i leave you (soz about all these ahaha) i know you dont work on balancing anymore but RiotJag mentioned in the 5.2 forecast about DFG removal that {{champion:1}} is up for some changes. if you know what these are are you able to say how large of a scope this is (ie. is it just damage changes or full blown rework scale?) Only asking because I'm an Annie main and im super worried my main champ might get absolutely gutted and left to die completely unviable. I know you cant give specifics but an indication of how large the changes are would be nice if you are able to give those. thank you for your time c:
What we're currently looking at (note this is experimental, so could well change tomorrow) is slightly lower resistances on Molten Shield, with Tibbers also getting the resistance bonuses as well plus a brief movement speed boost. One of the big goals there, in addition to balance changes, is to make casting Molten Shield a bit more interesting and add a bit of extra depth to how you micro Tibbers.
: Hi Meddler, I have a love for the sea and I heard that that current Tavern yard is that our beloved Pirate King Gangplank is assessing his current kit. And the Crew and I were wondering if we may pry on any information that you may have?
Bit early to say much alas. We had a crack at a GP rework last year that had some interesting stuff in it, but didn't quite hit the mark so didn't get shipped (or talked about after a while, our bad, we should have mentioned it was a project that had been put on hold). We're going to give him another look this year, wouldn't expect anything for a while though, a number of other reworks will come out beforehand that are further along already.
: also what was the most successful champion you feel you have ever created? Since all those champions are at different levels of power (syndra is an incredible lane bully, elise was possibly one of the most op champ in the game once, varus and lissandra both are decently strong but are at some pretty weird spots in the meta) also varus was the first adc i ever played :P
Hard to say, I find it pretty hard to compare and enjoyed working on all of them. I do have a bit of a soft spot for Ziggs though since he was the first major project at Riot that I did the primary design work on.
: > Teemo should burn. :O You'd waste all the really good mushroom flavors if you burn him.
Glow (OCE)
: Hey Meddler! I chatted to you briefly at PAX Aus, and was too shy to ask a pressing question which I hope you don't mind me asking now. I'm really curious as to how you came to work at Riot - I share your country of origin and would love to work for Riot one day but it's terrifying considering how far (figuratively and literally) I've got to go to get there! Do you have any advice for an aspiring Concept Artist? Sounds like you've been a part of some fantastic designs, really cohesive champions all round. Thanks for doing this Q&A! :)
Doh, you should have asked, always happy to chat! Do hit me up with if at a show again that I'm at. Few details on how I got into Riot in another reply here: http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/bRM5LnY0-meddler-lead-champion-designer-qa?comment=000d0000 I'm not the best one to offer advice on concept art alas, not an area I've got any real expertise in. As with most disciplines though being able to demonstrate what you've worked on, talk about the process you follow and the constraints you had (whether self imposed or external) is extremely valuable when trying to sell yourself. Doing that from overseas (given the limited number of game dev opportunities in NZ) does make things a bit tougher, some companies are open to overseas applicants though and will help with the visa process for people they feel are a good fit.
: Hi Meddler! I wanted to ask you two questions if that's alright, there only short. A. What change coming into this season is your favorite? B. Are there any champions that looking back you wish you never let them get released... Maybe a certain glorified boy scout? :D Keep up the good work because all the new champions have been really interesting and fun additions to the game. I can't wait for a new support. Supp4Lyf
I really like how dragon's now an objective that matters throughout the game, that teams plan around and fight over, rather than something that, late game, someone just does on the way past at times. There aren't any champions I don't think should be in the game at all, I think they've all got a solid core to them. In some cases though that's not very well executed on though. Urgot and Yorick for example have cool underlying ideas (undead cyborg war machine and gravedigger with pet ghouls) that aren't well realized. Oh, yeah, then there's Teemo. Teemo should burn.
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