: thoughts and opinions please
Report weight used to be a thing. It isn't anymore. Given the situation you described, you should have marked "hate speech" with a note about the pre-game lobby. You will not always receive the IFS message.
: Honor progress needs serious adjustment...
It does sound like you should be progressing in honor. Maybe write into support and ask. Your progress is slowed if you are negative, even if you're not punished. You will progress if you're neutral or positive, and even if you don't type anything. This season, honor is much slower, since we have the whole season to do this, whereas last season we only had a fraction of the season with the updated honor.
: The reason I called for reports on Draven was because he was intentionally feeding. I didn't swear a single time during this game. For my 2-week ban, which I received around 6 months ago, and haven't offended since, I was being completely toxic, I was flaming my teammates and telling them to kill themselves. In this game, I did nothing like that.
>The reason I called for reports on Draven was because he was intentionally feeding. It only takes 1 report to flag a player's actions/chat for review, so calling for reports is meaningless, and it can be considered harassment. It's good that you've improved your behavior. It is a bit strange to have still not reformed your account over 6 months. However, your account only improves with playing good clean games, and is not solely based on how much time has gone by since your last punishment. Looking at your match history, you've played sparingly between now and October.
: I have been permanently banned. I am a reformed League of Legends player.
Just saying "I am not a toxic player" or "I am reformed" does not make you a non-toxic player. This is everything I found negative in your game. >In Your Mom: Report Draven... In Your Mom: Its just stupid for u In Your Mom: i legit don care In Your Mom: ping your gold draven In Your Mom: Draven is a troll. In Your Mom: Who are you speak on that matter, you are 0/3 In Your Mom: 0/4* In Your Mom: no need to be toxic... In Your Mom: 0/4 and losing so flames his teammates... pelase calm down In Your Mom: Why are you so angry, you noob? In Your Mom: 0/4 noob. In Your Mom: Draven In Your Mom: Calm down In Your Mom: I have nothing against you you just started flaming us In Your Mom: You are delusional, I healed you and Kai' Sa both once. You start things off with calling for reports on Draven. For future reference, it only takes 1 report to trigger a review of one's chat. I'll come back to this point. The rest of the chat is mostly involved with arguing and insulting Draven, calling him noob, delusional, toxic, flaming, and pointing to his score. There were many points where you could have just muted Draven and moved on, but it frankly did not appear that you tried to defuse the situation at all. If you had a prior 2-week ban, then the permanent ban was the next step. >Draven's duo partner, Kai' Sa, and himself, along with the Amumu, proceed to report me after the game, although I had done completely nothing wrong. There's no way of knowing who reported you in this game. And again, it only takes 1 report. Feel free to submit a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) if you disagree with me, as Rioters will be able to look at this punishment, as well as your history of punishments to determine whether or not you should remain permabanned.
: when something deals true damage, if it specifies the amount of true damage, i.e. this ability does 100 true damage, then no matter what, it will do 100 damage regardless of anything. However, when it says this attack does % of damage as true damage, the damage can be reduced by things like armour, MR and damage reduction. So damage reduction first then true damage calculation.
I think the only exception to the "no matter what" are any abilities that grant invulnerability: Kayle's ult, Taric's ult, and Kindred's ult.
: Kaboomblah's tip of the day!
But it also seems kinda dumb to exchange trinkets if you still have a ward in your trinket slot. Otherwise, you waste the ward, and end up with a 2min CD on a sweeper trinket, regardless.
: Do not put money into this game.
>The way their report system works is, if enough people report you after a game. No one looks at it. It is all automated. Play bad in a team of premade players. They all report you. And you get punished because they didn't like you. Entirely untrue. It only takes 1 report to review someone's chat logs. It was likely designed this way specifically to avoid the situations you described.
: Your grammar is terrible, who are you to judge language skills? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdLIerfXuZ4
>Your grammar is terrible, who are you to judge language skills? That thar's a comma splice, sir.
: And before Seras complains, or whatever, here are screenshots of Riot's responses... bare in mind I had screenshots, logs, timestamps, everything, used IFS (which we all know doesn't work most of the time), and they refused to do anything: https://imgur.com/a/0spNY They literally say "*this is a serious matter! we won't do anything!*". Even another Mod here was shocked at the language Riot used, but they never did anything about it.
I'm not sure what you're looking for here. Did someone make a death threat in game? Then use the report system. If you are legitimately in fear for your life, then you should contact authorities (and that's exactly what Riot would do if it were credible). Death threats are unpleasant to deal with, for sure; but if you're asking for *every* death threat to be looked into by Riot, then I think that's absurd. If you're struggling on whether or not to contact the authorities, you should consider first and foremost whether that person knows any personal information about you.
: Rule 1 and Rule 4.
I don't know about rule 1. Rule 4 is the only one that alludes to it, and just enough, that you should enjoy the game, but "not at the expense of others." Role stealing, I agree, is at the expense of others, and you should report them for such.
: Why does Riot allow players to forcibly steal roles with no repurcusions?
Yea, there's nothing that really stops anyone from doing that. I'd report them, with a note about what they say in the pre-game lobby. Where's it say you can't do that in the summoner's code?
: idk where to put this - honour related.
You progress by at least being "not-unsportsmanlike" or at least a neutral player. Your progress is impeded if you are negative in your games. You will progress if you don't say anything. If you feel like you've been neutral - positive in most of your games, write a support ticket and inquire about why you aren't progressing. They may be able to point out why.
Rectum (OCE)
: OCE FORUM and it state of decay.
I do notice a stark difference in the number of people that post in this forum vs the NA forum. I don't think this has to do with moderators, since similar, but not the same, rules govern both boards. I think it boils down to fewer red posts and fewer people showing up to the boards. If someone were violating the boards' Universal Rules, then I can see why there'd be action taken against them. Freedom of speech protects you from government action, and not from private institutions. If you start yelling profanities in Denny's (or the Oceanic equivalent), they have the right to not serve you and kick you out. You're being critical of the moderation, but not violating anything on the boards, except for maybe posting in the wrong section, but I'm not sure where you would post this. If you do have an issue with moderators here, you might be able to discuss that with moderators on the Boards Discord.
: Griefing support taking cs and trolling
Taking cs isn't punishable, since it's not really yours. Is ideal? I personally don't think so. As for the ice-walling you, I'd report that as griefing with a note about what the Anivia was doing.
Exhausted (OCE)
: How is the clan tag "ISIS" allowed and not bannable?
If you find a club name inappropriate, hit the inappropriate name box, then write a note about the club name.
: got banned
>like why the actual fuck do I get that when a guy bans a tank which we didnt even have. Choose any other tank that can jungle?
Gloric (OCE)
: There's a reason system of law are not actively democratic, vocal minorities would have you hung for things like pre-marrital sex, because more relaxed and laid back opinions, though maybe the majority, don't actively report and protest against those vocal minorities. ie. Generally snowflakes report a lot more than your average gamer. The biggest thing lacking is actual troll bans. So many trolls and inters go unpunished. There is a clear distinction between someone who plays badly or gives up, or etc.. and someone who intentionally trolls/ints. And the latter should be severely punished, but they really aren't as there's no way to automatically detect this. I think there's possibly some misconception within the community/devs that a lot of trolling/inting happens as a result of toxicity, when from my experience, it can be sparked by the person simply playing badly for the first few minutes, or even the slightest angst from another player; "dude why did you come to lane at low health!? it was obvious you'd die if you did that" "I was just trying to help (internally; fuck this guy, i'm inting now)" And there's absolutely nothing a automated system can detect OTHER than the person asking this person, even if a bit abrasively, why they made a stupid decision like that. Usually what happens in these situations, is these kids go completely silent and just go about inting (can't deny, most of them have to be, no emotionally stable person reacts to criticism by going silent and inting). I can't tell you how many chat restrictions i've gotten for simply being mad at a guy who ints for 15-20 minutes on purpose after a single question or mild criticism. And nothing has happened to them (I see them game after game after game, if I play at low pop times).
>There's a reason system of law are not actively democratic, vocal minorities would have you hung for things like pre-marrital sex, because more relaxed and laid back opinions, though maybe the majority, don't actively report and protest against those vocal minorities. ie. Generally snowflakes report a lot more than your average gamer. I feel like only this part was related to the OP or my response. You wanna talk about inting/trolling, then you can make your own discussion. Through the tribunal and other sources of player feedback, we have the rules that make up the Instant Feedback System we have today that punishes negative chat, among other things. Whether or not you agree with how the rules are drawn up is up to you, but you play Riot's game, it's their rules.
C9 Snocky (OCE)
: The Problem with Toxicity Based Bans
So what did your chat logs say? I think it's one thing if you don't feel like you should be banned, but if community members feel otherwise, then I'd say it's justified.
ChickZam (OCE)
: Im sorry Riot.
>Because of my teamates You are the sole person responsible for your chat; no one else made you type anything.
: You seem to have fallen through some sort of wormhole and found yourself on the OCE forums. On OCE, we seem to have one (or multiple) of the following issues (I'll wait for a Rioter to tell me which of these is correct): 1. The automated system is shit. 2. We have too many toxic players and not enough people reporting them. 3. Players are getting punished, but we're not getting the notification that someone we've reported has been punished leading players to believe that people actually aren't getting punished. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if all 3 were true.
1. It's not going to be perfect, and never will be. Nothing can stop anyone from randomly being toxic in a game. 2. Yep. That's not a unique feeling for your server. 3. Yeah, you don't always get the notification that someone was punished. Some say you only get the notification when it's the triggering game, but who knows how that all works.
: @Riot, if someone says 'kill yourself', 'kys' or some other variation...
Zero tolerance phrases, like hate speech and "kys" are punished pretty harshly. There are many instances where players complain of having received a 2-week ban without prior punishments because of this. I don't have an answer as to why some players weren't punished where others are; however, if a player is toxic, they'll eventually get hit with a punishment.
Essembie (OCE)
: A different ADC was picked, but it put me on the wrong foot from the start of the game and made me resent the team mate and not enjoy that match one bit. So who really is the person impacting play more - the dick who did the dick move and spoiled their team mates game, or the team mate who called the dick a c.u.n.t? The way it stands with player behaviour, game ruining dick moves are fine but calling dicks out with rude words is likely to lead to a ban not for the dick but for the person impacted by the dick's bad behaviour.
I don't think either player was in the right, as both players threatened good teamwork by making choices detrimental to teamwork. What's punished more frequently (and varies across servers) is hate speech, which the boards frequently censors. You asked who is more likely to get a punishment, well it's the person who typed %%%%. But both players acted negatively and were detrimental to teamwork.
Essembie (OCE)
: But it was a deliberate dick move by B to force A out of their assigned position because they wanted to duo with C, then saying "shame your champ was banned". You dont see that as toxic? You really think A is the one who deserves the punishment? I mean I agree with you that A would be more likely to get the punishment but in that scenario who deserves it?
It is a dick move, and it was toxic, but all A had to do was pick a different ADC. Instead, he elects to type %%%%. He lost his cool and could have just picked a different ADC. I think A would be more likely to get hit with a punishment, but they were both in the wrong. I've seen this happen 1 other time; unfortunately, the player decided to give up his lane and pick what was probably not his best champion.
: You've got to remember that B was also taunting A after banning A's champ
OOps. Forgot that part. B might also be up for a punishment, then.
Essembie (OCE)
: my 14 day last year got me thinking
There is no rule for banning anyone's champ. There had to be a priority, and at this time it is ban>pick. Person A would be more likely to receive a punishment. While B may not have done something appreciated by other teammates, there is no rule against banning champions.
: > [{quoted}](name=Periscope,realm=NA,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=a08JozR7,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-03-11T09:37:28.591+0000) > > I looked at that match history, and it does look like that player was inting. Hopefully you reported the player for intentional feeding. Eh well 3 hours later and still nothing has happened. As expected from a dead company
It's always pretty disappointing when someone doesn't get punished for something you feel should be punished. If they're truly toxic, it'll happen eventually.
: Fix ur shit Riot
I looked at that match history, and it does look like that player was inting. Hopefully you reported the player for intentional feeding.
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: unfortunately the only real way for people to get banned is for in-game things reporting from things in like say champ select and post game don't even get read by the automated bot system and when you make a support ticket about the problem they reply with an automated system and never actually take action.
Yea, I'm not sure how/if pre or post game chat is reviewed, but players have been punished before for their out-of-game chat.
Scottez (OCE)
: So calling for reports and calling people inters (once per game by the way) is abuse? or harassment? i mentioned 3 times in game 1 for a report on malph, a 1/4 of that whole game was me talking to the enemy team to try and figure out why i couldnt ult the enemy as Kasai. Saying almost everyline was an insult or was used to belittle team mates in game 1 is a huge over exageration. Half the game i was trying to make sense as to why i was being attacked by my team instead of them trying to get malphite to play properly, furthermore all the malphite references past the very start of the game were replies to teamates asking me questions or telling me to do stuff and im giving them reasons as to why i cant (being malphite). Yes there were some things that were passive aggressive and maybe, 1 or 2 lines thats insulting, but they are minor insults at that. Game 2, same thing since when is asking for a report and calling out people inting, when they look like they are inting in your game, is all of that bannable? even chat restrictable? I have not insulted them, i have clearly just stated what it looks like they are doing to me, it has no affect on their gameplay what so ever. Its like saying when people make bad plays, thats not bannable is it? For game 3 there is one minor insult and i requested the ff once that game. Yes i called gg early on, but is that not a general reference to a bad team play and the game is pretty much over cause of that?
>Scottez: 9x malph thanks Scottez: dude is salty Scottez: he fucked up Scottez: and now hes taking cs and actin like a child Scottez: cant be bothered Scottez: with malph Scottez: what a child Scottez: can u guys Scottez: pls report malph Scottez: he should be in bed Scottez: not ruining our games Scottez: dont have ur shitty attitude Scottez: go on Scottez: since ur so full of ideas Scottez: god im gonna report u too Scottez: u clearly Scottez: patronizing me Scottez: how? Scottez: i have malph following me around Scottez: taking all my cs Scottez: and inting their adc on sight Scottez: and u have to audacity Scottez: to ask me if iwant Scottez: a report Scottez: thats stupidity Scottez: at its finest Scottez: i said what ur doing Scottez: is stupid Scottez: not you Scottez: are stupid Scottez: but take it as u will Scottez: im not afk Scottez: im clearly at my keyboard Scottez: whats negative Scottez: u dont unerstand Scottez: a single thing do you Scottez: do u have a laner Scottez: running around taking ur cs Scottez: and inting Scottez: so why are u Scottez: acting like that Scottez: your clearly Scottez: acting oblivious Scottez: to the malphite Scottez: there is no way Scottez: no single way Scottez: you can be serious Scottez: or else there is a mental hospital Scottez: i advise a check up Scottez: i worry for u Scottez: sigh i dont udnerstand bronze attitude Scottez: i can see the adc has a support following him and taking all his cs Scottez: and inting the enemy Scottez: lets trash talk him Scottez: not tell the supp to get his head i nthe game Scottez: and make the adc Scottez: who actually was playing Scottez: the game Scottez: suffer Scottez: great idea darius Scottez: your not thinking Scottez: retract that Scottez: ur literally Scottez: not thinking if you want to make me suffer Scottez: im amazed no one Scottez: no one at all Scottez: has told malphite to play properly Scottez: when hes the one Scottez: let me do a quick Scottez: op.gg Scottez: on u and ori Scottez: ok silver 2 with a negative w/r Scottez: and gold 5 Scottez: with a negative w/r Scottez: not surprised u guys Scottez: are backing the guy who griefed ur game Scottez: yes you clearly are Scottez: not once Scottez: did u tell him to get on with the game Scottez: yet u had the audacity Scottez: to talk shit to me Scottez: no Scottez: u clearly Scottez: dont listen Scottez: ur silver dude Scottez: thats fact Scottez: its not a good one Scottez: yeh good one Scottez: how about i come mid Scottez: and follow u everywhere Scottez: take all ur farm Scottez: then u tell me im contributing Scottez: its the end Scottez: u fool Scottez: 9x malph thanks I took out parts that I didn't think were negative. This is 95 out of the 139 lines you typed. This chat is either insulting one teammate or another, or arguing. Yes, asking for reports is punishable, as it can be considered harassment.
: > [{quoted}](name=Periscope,realm=NA,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=Gv180dlP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-09T08:45:49.679+0000) > > If they were punished, then they typically get a 2-week ban for their first offense. > > Just because you got feedback doesn't mean that particular person was punished. Really dude? i have not reported anyone for like 3 days and we all agreed to report her and 10 mins after game i got an instant feedback, and it was for inting because the writing was different than a toxic instant feedback... just slightly though.. the system is faulty.
Hmm. Well I'm just going off of your information you're telling me and the match history. It's not really 100% clear that she was inting, but I'd agree from looking at the kill map that she more than likely appeared to be intentionally feeding. She's building appropriately. But I guess what catches my eye is that her deaths in the top and bottom lane are clustered together very closely in time, and near the enemy towers.
: What is the punishment for inting??????
If they were punished, then they typically get a 2-week ban for their first offense. Just because you got feedback doesn't mean that particular person was punished.
Scottez (OCE)
: yeh i found out how to put a ticket through for this, im interested to see what words i used that are ban phrases...
The system does not punish you for cursing. It will punish you for cursing *at* someone. I fucked up. CAW CAW motherfucker. Let's get that fucker. (not punishable) vs. You're a dumb fuck, You're shit, I've taken wet shits that I've liked more than you.
Scottez (OCE)
: Ban review
There should be an option for asking about an account suspension/ban. I don't think this punishment will be overturned based on what you've shared. In game 1, most every line was directed at insulting one player or another. I understand there was a player that was stealing your cs, but you're not entitled to that cs. You call for reports, call teammates feeders, and you generally argue throughout game 1. Most people don't use chat this frequently, but you used almost all of game 1 to belittle teammates. Game 2: You call for reports and call bot and Viktor a inters. Game 3: You insult top and adc, in addition to constantly requesting that your team ff. Additionally, it only takes 1 report to trigger a review of one's game; additional reports do not cause an increase in likelihood of being punished, so lines like: >Scottez: 9x vik Scottez: 9x malph thanks Are useless. If you honestly feel someone needs to be reported, just report them.
: 14 day suspension
If you share your chat logs, I could weigh in on why you were suspended.
58595143 (OCE)
: A random player just added me and asked if I wanted to boost, how can I report him?
Use a [support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new), and include their name. Edit: On what yCarr said, you have a lot of control over who you talk with outside of the game. But if this player wasn't toxic to you in the game (and thus you didn't report him in the post game), then I'd submit a support ticket. Since this isn't related to in-game offenses, I'd submit a support ticket still.
: Second time being banned, and i get a perm,
This looks pretty well deserved. I don't think you can type "%%%%" and expect there to be a reversal of your punishment. You were told after your 2 week that the next punishment would be a permaban.
: No one ever gets banned for inting.
It does get [punished](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/ZQZlJNjj-im-banned-and-my-punishment-was-way-too-cruel-14-days-id-atleast-expect-4-8-day)
: -Trying their best -Goes in to a 1v5 Yeah. Sure. Unless you mean theyre trying their best to int feed.
I recently did that as Darius: saw a bunch of low health targets, flashed in like I'd seen on so many replays....was instantly deleted. I'm not good, hell I don't even play top often. It was dumb, hands down, but I'm not trying to lose the game.
BrnK (OCE)
: "As for your dislike of others' champion choice: players should have the freedom to play what they want. You are not the sole deciding factor in how a team should be picked and how they should play, nor do your decisions constitute the only way to win." Not in any way did I say my way is the only way. There are things a support role needs to be able to provide to the team and some champions objectively do not provide those things. This is different from off meta. I'm perfectly happy seeing people play Brand jungle or strange off meta things that have reason to work. I'm not so keen to see a support with nerf guns and no form of assistance to be given to their adc and team, big difference. Ranked has one objective, to win. Nobody in their right mind would take a VW bus to a circuit race. As far as insulting and harassing teamates go, you're right it doesn't help. But this is not the same as tilting over a "teamate" trolling. You are in the same boat as Riot where you put more concern on how people should react to trolls rather than how to resolve the trolling problem.
> I'm not so keen to see a support with nerf guns and no form of assistance to be given to their adc and team, big difference. I get that it's not what you want in a support - CC, sustain. But there is added damage there, lane control, and there is the potential to increase your adc's damage to a champion with the right build. Is this something I'll try? Unlikely, but I wouldn't say never. He is trying to win, but just not by your standards.
: What tools have Riot implemented to help tackle trolls/inters.
Intentional feeding is pretty difficult to detect, but if you notice it, even in one kill, then report it. The system won't get better if you label every 1/10/3 Lee Sin as a feeder when they're really trying their best and just didn't have a good game. Make sure to use the comments portion to write down anything leading up to what you thought was intentional feeding.
BrnK (OCE)
: Riot bans people for getting trolls on their team
Afks and leavers are not "acceptable" but they do happen, to allies and enemies alike. As for your dislike of others' champion choice: players should have the freedom to play what they want. You are not the sole deciding factor in how a team should be picked and how they should play, nor do your decisions constitute the only way to win. I can understand if, say, you had a Katarina building mana regen items, but I didn't see anything wrong with the Lucian build you had mentioned. This where I'd draw the line in playing off-meta vs not trying to win. If you are insulting and harassing teammates, you also fall into the "not trying to win" category. Your teammates are who they're going to be. You will differ on the best path to winning, but being negative to your teammates shows you have concerns that are not focused on winning.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=JelWRpzR,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-01T12:25:46.875+0000) > > Ok so HeartVine addressed most of it but I think there's some extra context I can give you. > > First of all, just because you got punished, doesn't mean they didn't. If they were using the sort of language you describe then I can almost guarantee that they were escalated straight to a 14 day suspension. > > Second, while there are certain things in you log that could technically be considered hate speech (discrimination by age and sexual status) I imagine it was the cancer references that probably got you escalated. It sounds like this was your first punishment so I'm going to assume that moving forward, but if you've had chat restrictions in the past a 14 day would be the natural progression of that and won't be revoked or reduced. > > Given that in context you were simply quoting what the other guy said, that's obviously a false escalation. Don't misunderstand, this chat log is 100% worthy of punishment, but assuming no priors or edits it would most likely net you a chat restriction, not a 14 day suspension, though this is at the discretion of support staff. This is where contacting support comes in. > https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new > > Third, you are not given the chat logs of others in the game becuase the point of these punishments is for you to reflect on your behaviour, not deflect or justify it with theirs. I am in no way suggesting that what they did was ok, only that taking things beyond defending yourself and into abuse loses you the high road, and you are held responsible for your actions same as they are. You already know what they said that made you respond that way, the purpose of having your chat logs is for you to reflect on *your* behaviour. > > Lastly, the summoner names were removed from your post essentially to prevent witch hunting. When it comes to these cases on boards, we don't get the full context, and never will, so to prevent with hunts or negative perceptions that may or may not be deserved, we have a no naming and shaming (officially No Reporting Other Players) rule here on boards. > http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/BjArMH2B-boards-universal-rules > > If you have any questions regarding the support process or anything else, just reply to this comment and I'll help you as soon as I can :) Stupid. Azir's behavior was dark and unacceptable. Dark cancer jokes intending to insult another player (like azir to this guy's deceased father) should be dealt with accordingly. That being an instantaneous perma-ban. You're only delaying the inevitable when you let this guy stay in the community.
Everyone deserves a chance to reform; if they've blown that chance, then sayonara. Hopefully that player gets a 2-week ban, but I think immediate permaban for chat is harsh, even in severe circumstances.
: I can post up everything but at the end of the day it does nothing to anyone for anything. Riots system doesnt work, doesnt fix anything. I got banned for arguing with a guy for feeding, thats not igniting thats not doing anything other than telling a moron to stop killing the game but yeah no riots logic is spot on, they throw the match and literally make it unplayable but god forbid you say something to them. No thats not right, its stupid and always has been. Im not a toxic person because i dont talk unless I need to for the game but riot just loves to swing that ban hammer blindly. Its stupid and doesnt work, Mute report doesnt work when you get stuck with the player 3 times in a row, oh and you cant leave the game so now youre just going to have to deal with a thrown game. They dont get bannned, they dont get shit but you argue back adn thats it. That makes literally no fucking sense in fixing toxicity in their games. I dont think ive seen anyone banned for throwing a game ever. But fuck man dont say anything bad because thats enough to get you kicked off. What do you get from seeing my chat log ? you see my replies only not theirs, what are my replies, telling the guy is acting like a child for throwing the game because i didnt help him clear a camp. like seriously, riot really doesnt give a shit and the community is absolute trash now. doesnt matter who started it.. yes it fucking does, jesus christ so over this pathetic victim blaming shitty mentality, you have team flaming and throwing and what youre supposed to sit there nicely and take it??? mute report ? which we know doesnt work? then what ? wait in the base so avoid gettnig ripped by a fed team? oh wait youll get reported for afking, ok i fight and get ripped, get reported for feeding? I mean what is it exactly do you want people to do ? like seriously. you literally and i can not stress that word enough but you can not LITERALLY PLAY THE FUCKING GAME, when youre team is throwing the whole thing. and thats not even getting into the amount of bots I have encounted and I mean for sure theyd be banned but pffft nope, they are still playing games. I watch their accounts and see what they do. Its not that hard. Im not the only discussion talking about this problem either. Thats an account now being permabanned for talking to a toxic team. But somehow in youre twisted brain that makes sense. Right I understand how little they care now
Just looking at the OCE PB front page, there's 3 people (judging from the titles only) wanting their punishments reviewed. If you were also punished, then that's further evidence that the system does carry out action. Just because you see it in your game doesn't mean it's not working.
Shiropi (EUNE)
: Is Riot checking matches of reported players?
They check matches of reported players. So if you report a player, their chat and/or actions is looked at.


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