: uni-lad gragas or bolgan gragas xd
Forgive me, I don't get the references. Assuming it was meant to be one.
ForPortal (OCE)
: That sounds like an awful idea to me, because I have no clue what you're talking about. It sounds like an idea that is going to age terribly, and not one that has already stood the test of time.
Well it goes without saying that this is a joke skin, and one that should be taken as such. As for aging and whatnot, I see this skin living on for a long time, should it be made. You'd definitely see a lot of Swaggas players if it did lol
: or %%%gas. im sure you could think of something. pity thats against the policies. FYI; i have no personal issue with homosexuals etc, just saying
lol that's actually a better name imo, if only it weren't against policy.
: I always thought they needed skins to go with Brolaf. Maybe not like this though. However, a Bro-themed Gragas skin would be perfect. HE HAS A KEG! Bro'Gath pls.
Oh my god Bro'Gath. Yes.
: Gragas got two skins last year. He doesn't need anymore for awhile.
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