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: Pool Party Mundo impossible to get?
The reason I see behind these requirements during pool party being so hard is because of what riot things we do. I believe riot thinks it is easy for the community to gather a group of 5 people before game and play that constantly together when truthfully a group of 2-3 people pregame is more realistic of the League of Legends community. It is nearly impossible for me to gather a group of 5 people that I know, and even though I could do what others are doing and form a group through a gathering message on a forum, it is highly possible that the group formed through that forum will be at each others throats and disperse immediately after the game is over. The average league player can easily find 1 or 2 friends and play a normals or aram but finding a 5 man group is very difficult and really sets us back. If the requirement was set to a group of 2/3 or more in a party on summoners rift, aram, or crystal scar then the requirements could be easily met in the time limit without even people realizing they were gathering points. Another thing is that you can gather points through sending gifts to other players and friends, but truth is nobody is gonna spend their money on other people. Even though that is the fastest way to gather points nobody in league ever thinks about sending a whole enemy team and their team all a skin because that is around perhaps 40 dollars a game just to get about 800 points which isn't worth it since our goals are in the millions, you would have an easier time playing 160 games of aram than spending 40 bucks. The other thing is the preconception that all league players have money to spend, a lot of league players do have jobs but there's also a large majority that are in high school, college, or are people who are still paying taxes and mortgage as well as child support. Blowing money on League just to get a free skin isn't worth it. What I'm trying to say is I believe the requirements right now are way to harsh on the community around the pre-made game and this does make the goals a bit more impossible. An easy way in my mind to fix this would be to lower the 5 point requirements from a pre-made 5 man team to a pre-made 2 man team or more because then you would still be playing with friends and having fun and this would make the points increase drastically as well as community output. Most league players play alone or with one or two other friends realistically and since summer sales on steam are going on right now even more people are away from league and playing the new games they just got. I'm not angry at riot for making these standards a bit tough, it just proves their thoughts of us and how much they believe we work together as a community. It's just based on this being the 2nd or 3rd day and we've only just reached 5 million and need 10 million to unlock each of the next prizes it just seems a bit impossible. These are just my ideas on what could be done to keep what riot wants yet still make the goals more achievable.


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