: league of legends season 9 or season 10
they're currently experimenting with this project in NA only for a limited # of players which started in july though no further details were announced after the project launched
Ingénue (OCE)
: [This one might be a little more clear](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/honor), sorry about the first link. You can flick through the honor levels and see what rewards are unlocked.
i think the unlock rewards is referring to the honor 3 4 and 5 ward skins i will say tho it does look a little confusing xd
Ingénue (OCE)
: According to the[ honor FAQ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008474148) you do not receive any rewards (including end of season rewards) if you are honor level 0 or have locked honor.
i dont see anything in there related to end of season rewards maybe its just me though
: I get what you're saying, but its hell of a lot better than yet another typical red and black "Darkness reaper" like Zed or Kayne or Aatrox or Varus etc and the trillion of other mind-numingly identical characters and skins in every game ever made! So im glad there is something refreshing and different coming in! I for one am really looking forward to her _(but that could be the mid laner in me talking)_ I do like the contrast between her and Aurelion Sol, both are very strong and different personalities, it'll be interesting dynamic considering their close proximity as celestial beings. But I will withhold proper judgement _(either good or bad)_ until she comes out.
pretty sure you wouldnt be saying that after she drops rift herald from her w passive yes she can pick up rift herald from minion drops
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: Be thankful, at least you still have your smurf. :^) Also how can you think f**king Kindred of all champions is tilting? I can name 20 champions that would tilt me harder than bloody Kindred.
to be fair a shit ton of fucking champions tilt me i could name 30 right now
: most recent game no chatlog for??
oh right forgot that acc is glitched below level 30 on these forums ill respond to comments from this account -also http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Full%20Crit%20VelKoz
: Alg you have your Smurf as you said so you should be fine xD
actually i worked it out with a riot employee if i can get the 2 people who reported me from the game to revoke the report i can be unbanned also its a smurf with a smurf name too much ip for me to make it my main acc
Fitzky (OCE)
: If no one reports you when you are toxic than nothing will happen, obviously if what you said in that one game wasn't bad enough to escalate straight to a perma ban then the reason for it was probably due to the many games where you were toxic. Just don't use the chat man, literally don't talk the entire game and nothing will ever be done to you unless you script or hack.
i mainly typed when i was dead in base or nothing was happening those are the ideal times to type if u have something to say also im pretty surei get reported quite often since i flame in postgame as well as in game just i dont think ive been too toxic in the last 10 games??? idk could be wrong
Fitzky (OCE)
: fucknig isn't even a misspelled slur and besides the system wouldn't pick that up as anything they have a list of all the words spelt correctly.
do you have any other suggestions as to how i got banned then? cause i am around this toxic when i have bad games and never get perma'd for it this time is different for some reason 1 game of telling people theyre trash wont earn a perma unless it was RIGHT legit RIGHT after a 14 day ban which mine wasnt so idk
: Ill start by saying Im no expert on the subject of player behaviour, so if someone like Seras Dragon says something different, definitely take their word over mine! But from my understanding, no one is permabanned just from one game of bad behaviour, it takes an accumulation of many games for your behaviour to be judged to be worthy of permanent action being taken against you. and it certainly takes more than one misspelt word. From what I can see in the chat, you are causing other players to be uncomfortable, and if a lot of your games are like this, then it is just chance that your ban fell after this particular game.
no there was only 1 chatlog it gave me racism is also escalated i have been on the boards on NA long enough to know that hate speech gets escalated real quickly
Fitzky (OCE)
: The whole chat log is toxic what the hell are you on? Are you actually that dumb to think nothing you said there is ban worthy?
its not fucking enough though i couldve been more toxic and still wouldnt have gotten perma if i didnt mispell fucking for fucknig i can almost 100% guarantee you
: accidently mispelled slur and perma?
the rest wouldnt have been perma worthy i have days like this and i didnt recieve the perma till i mispelled this so thats my only explanation
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HeartVine (OCE)
: Don't worry, I'm sure they're on it. SecondAirbane isn't the first immigrant OCE has had that has... "Disappeared"...
dont worry until NA sees ive reformed ill be here with no restrictions whatsoever i already figured out the rules i think plus this regions rules seem less strict dont worry just contact NA when u think i wont cause any more trouble there since my ban was mostly due to history
: This is like some kinda movie scene! Riot Immigration, we got an illegal over here quick get him!
maybe considering my ban was not revoked due to my extensive history mainly i need to show im reformed here i think so ill be here for awhile show me around here :D
HeartVine (OCE)
: If you're looking to get a ban revoked, your best bet is to appeal the ban by submitting a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us). Keep in mind, the ban should only be revoked if it was made in error. Based on what you've said, it was a just ban and, as such, the appeal will likely be denied. To my knowledge, that's the only way you could have the ban revoked. As for posting on other regions boards, that doesn't fall under "ban evading". "Ban evading" would be making/using an alternate account to post on a board where you *have* been banned, such as (in your case) making/using a smurf to post on NA. I suppose part of that is that different regions have different communities, which means that behaviours will be moderated differently. For example, you might find the mods on OCE boards are a bit more lenient on certain behaviours than NA mods, and vice verse. Quite simply, it wouldn't make sense to ban someone on one region for something that isn't considered "unacceptable behaviour" in that region, just because it's considered "unacceptable" in another. That said, many behaviours are considered unacceptable on most/all regions boards, so it always pays to keep an eye on how different behaviours are moderated on a given regions boards before trying to go beyond what is commonly accepted.
ill explain after this game 1 part actually was in error but they wont unban me due to past history apparently
Touka (OCE)
: Howcome tyler 1s unban is an exception to riots *we don't unban accounts* policy
its not an account ban its a player ban thats why his accounts are staying banned but he is free to make new accounts he is being unplayer banned not account unbanned hope this clears it up for you
: Recently off ban, help?
muteall for 5 games then you'll be free from the 1 game till perma that way you dont respond to any1 make sure they're norms too so you're not under pressure remember reform takes time
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: Got permanently suspended for being toxic.... nt rly
top left corner > explore league > support > submit a ticket


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