: League Readers and Writers Club - All welcome!
I'll definitely join but I'll have to do it on my OCE account.
: FanFiction Contest: The Winners
Hey anyone who won or administrated/judged friend GreatClockwyrm on OCE and I'll gift you.
: So what happens now?
Wuks (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Malygos,realm=OCE,application-id=wJE2nAgV,discussion-id=ORmqvHsO,comment-id=00090000000000000001,timestamp=2016-07-28T04:51:19.886+0000) > > Non-transferable as well I'd assume; it's an OCE community event. Can always gift skins though :^) ###### Specifically me x10 xD
Just to be clear I can't transfer to NA?
: FanFiction Contest: The Winners
: Question about a Vel'Koz/Yasuo Interaction
FishTiger (OCE)
: Shakespeare's 'The Two Allies of Piltover'
This is genius. So glad they mentioned this or I would have missed it. All the clever allusions and ties to gameplay elements, and Shakespearian language and quotation, just awesome. Plus, helps that I'm a Tahm and Zil main. Simply superb work.
: FanFiction Contest: The Shortlist
Oh my gosh thank you! I am honored to have been chosen and I am so relieved the difficulties I had getting it to an OCE account in time didn't affect my entry. Congratulations to all the other shortlisted entries as well, I'm going to have a blast reading the ones I already haven't!
Maraudaur (OCE)
: The ones submitted late wont be eligible for the competition.
I had already posted it under NA very early into the contest however. It was really just because you said you needed to be OCE to enter. I entered in NA with the same story under the time limit and reposted it with an OCE acc so I would be eligible. I would hope that my entry would be eligible, then.
: Unfortunately, the contest is limited to OCE accounts :( That said, even if you can't enter the contest, I know I would be incredibly keen to read something that someone has so much drive for.
I have since posted it under OCE so I think I'm set.
Oneechan (OCE)
: The Tails She Holds Close
Wow! Very nice. Was the first man supposed to be Darius?
: This is one of the pieces in this competition I've seen which I can honestly say 'Yep, this is definitely [champion]' to. Of course, this isn't the only thing that determines the worth of these fanfics (this [Teemo story](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/contest-fan-fiction/m9GiBrWl-a-slow-death) that builds an alternative yet believable re-imagining from pretty much nothing is more 'Hey, this could be [champion]', which is impressive in it's own way ), but here, you've done a splendid job using the myriad of material Riot's given us and working it all into a 1500 word (one thousand, four hundred and ninety-six words too long Kappa) piece. Though there are plenty of lunatics {{champion:115}} , killers {{champion:91}} and lunatic killers {{champion:63}}{{champion:36}}{{champion:119}}{{champion:222}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:58}}{{champion:35}}{{champion:27}}{{champion:45}}{{champion:19}} in the league, there is no mistaking that 'This is Jhin', and we can see that he is truly one of a kind. A chilling, gripping read from start to finish. Well done! If I had to nitpick, it would be the new 'Joker'-esque backstory you suggested for Jhin revolving around an abusive father? We're told that disguised as a stagehand, without his mask he has a rather kind, featureless face rather than some twisted, scarred and inhuman one - as I'm sure you're aware, the mask's purpose seems less about _hiding_ who he is, and in ways, Jhin is trading his old, bland, human self and is instead 'becoming the mask'. Off a similar principle, I reckon that Jhin doesn't need a sad, tragic backstory to explain the way he is, just as he doesn't really need a reason to make 'art'. You'll find that true psychopaths and sadists are irreversibly born the way they are, rather than acquired later in life, and it's mostly the choices they make that determine how they control and display it. That's my two cents at least - perhaps there's something in your decision that I completely missed! Irrespective of whether or not Riot decides your entry to be eligible, thanks for sharing this with us while being as transparent as you have! You obviously have a passion for writing, so hopefully you'll get an 'honourable mention' at the very least!
I'm a windy writer, I like long, detailed pieces. Containing my goals in 1500 words was pretty tough. I wanted to dive deep into Jhin's psyche and answer a lot of the questions you raised, but I ultimately felt leaving it at this was enough. I'll just point out some things briefly. You'll notice his twin's name is Khada, and not Jhin himself (who I named Kenji). I feel that from this story Jhin suffers more from dissociative identity and desensitization to brutality than anything else - he's still guilty about his brother's death and feels he should have died instead. So he takes that identity, and tries to take revenge on the world, which is his father, the cruel, ugly abuser of a world. He wants to make it just as beautiful as he was, a fair-haired, exquisitely built youth. TL DR This is really just a blurb, and not the full story I was thinking of. Thanks for your praise, and good luck to you and your entry as well!
Oneechan (OCE)
: If this doesn't get in the shortlist, you're robbed. This story is haunting, mysterious, and so, so well paced. Excellent use of the first-person POV to emphasise the slightly off-ness of the narrator. And the reveal of Jhin was just...delicious. x1000 thumbs up.
Thank you! I'm worried me being NA will keep me off the list, but I'm looking forward to reading the top 10, whatever they are. EDIT: My OCE account finally refreshed to level 5! BTW, did you submit one?
azaki (OCE)
: Wow, a really neatly crafted piece of writing! I love how you incorporated Jhin's obsession with the number four, haha. Since you posted this on a NA account, hopefully you can get it on an OCE account so it would be an official entry!
Yep, thanks!
Talon12 (OCE)
: Obsessive and jumpy. Sounds like jhin alright ;)
That's what I was aiming for.
Fyooosh (OCE)
: This is pure brilliance.
Thank you so much!
: Well you keep carrying on. And they are just trying to defend them self's.
I'm sorry, I can't understand what you are saying. Did you even write this? You can barely string a sentence together.
dzte (OCE)
: Look, Just leave him alone and move on. Go read some other stories. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.
I'd rather point out the truth than willfully participate in a lie. I haven't said anything against the story itself, actually. It just seemed quite odd that the most recent post had 4 upvotes and 4 sycophants spouting lies.
dzte (OCE)
: Why are you in the OCE boards?
Why are you and your friend lying for attention?
: I do know who he is and i am considering hiring him on as staff but, maybe we will discuss that at the next board meeting later this month. I am looking throughout these forums for young talented writers it just so happens that i am acquainted with currypuff1234.
You look on the Australian League of Legends boards for young talent? And then use valuable comapny meeting time to discuss one fanfic writer?
: As the CEO him self.
That didn't answer my question, I'm pretty sure you're lying at this point.
dzte (OCE)
: He said consider.
'We may be in contact soon' 'would seriously consider' sounds like he wants to hire
: Well my friend is in an editorial company and pretty he is the CEO of the company as well. He sometimes plays league with me and yes i do give him ideas on what to do. I think i know my friends more than you do.
Which editorial company?
: I did no tell them to. They are just showing support. Cause i told them i uploaded my story and they just wanna show some support. Noting bad in that. I don't think you have friends as good as i do.
I mean one of them said that this was a great drawing, and another said he wants to hire you for a job at an editorial company, based on nothing but a ~1000 word Kat-Talon fanfic.....seems pretty bogus to me.
: They are my friends, u can go check them out.
Idk man that seems pretty low using all your friends to boost you up illegitimately.
: Unfortunately, the contest is limited to OCE accounts :( That said, even if you can't enter the contest, I know I would be incredibly keen to read something that someone has so much drive for.
I'm sorry to hear that, although I can understand your desire to keep in OCE-only. By all means, it would be my privilege for you to read mine. I write lore for another MOBA - Vainglory, which is for mobile devices. If you enjoyed my entry, I'd be equally honored if you wanted to read other works of mine, which can be found [here](http://forums.vainglorygame.com/index.php?threads/92095/). Would you like me to remove my submission? If my OCE acc starts working, I'll at least try posting it again from there.
: Katarina's Misson
Are these just all your smurfs or something
azaki (OCE)
: You mean July 27th? Pretty sure that's next month! xD And wow, thanks! I'm not so sure about that, but I'll keep my hopes up!
*facepalm*....yes. Mixed up my dates big-time there. Have you read my entry yet?
azaki (OCE)
: Yep! The votes don't entirely matter here.
Shortlist comes out tomorrow, good luck to you! (I bet you'll be one of the final ten :P)
azaki (OCE)
: Yeah, I've been noticing that lately too. Pretty sad and unfair for those great pieces of work.
Well I mean it's ultimately Sno and Wuks and them who pick the shortlist, so I have faith they'll choose the best.
azaki (OCE)
: Thank you! I appreciate it. I imagine some people not understanding the lore between the two, so I'll add something about that later. ^-^
A lot of other quality entries got downvoted too. I think someone is going around just downvoting them out of jelousy.
: FanFiction Contest Announcement
Okay I posted it anyway, at this point I'm less concerned about not recieving a prize and more about entering the contest in general since my Oceania account isn't working.
azaki (OCE)
: Between the Sol and the Luna
Don't know why anyone would ever downvote you, this was very nice. Great job!
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: FanFiction Contest Announcement
I'm an American player, but I love writing. So when I heard about this contest, I made an OCE account so that I could enter and farmed it to 5; unfortunately, it isn't showing up as Level 5 on these forums. I was wondering if there was any at all way I could still enter as an NA player, I spent a lot of time working on my submission. If so, would it also be possible (if i win) for the prize be sent to this account?


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