: Win. Doesn't matter what your stats are, you can feed literally every game but win and you will climb. Which is why ranked in LoL can be such an issue, your performance means literally nothing, your rank and MMR is 100% if you win or lose.
it does means something.. If you cant climb it clearly means you're doing SOMETHING wrong. especially if you're stuck in bronze or silver. If you're stuck there. you probably have over a hundred things you could work on. In 100 games you don't have bad teammates in over 60 of your games, it's just how it is. For YOU to rank up it depends on how you play. Better performance means more wins. In ALL you're games YOU are the deciding factor. You can't change how your teammates play then change how you play. Although some games are harder to carry than others. League is all about Making minimal mistakes and abusing others for their mistakes (by knowing your team's limits and the enemy's)


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