: Maybe try not feeding : ^)....Na joking, from the description i'm hearing i can tell you are either unranked or in bronze, from a gold prospective i know what it feels like to get abused by bronze players, and i can see why you are frustrated with riots banning system cause it is actually pretty stupid tbh. Even i dislike it. Half the time you just have to explain to them whats going on and you should also focus more on improving, Syndra counters Yasuo, sure you may be new, the more reason you should have played passively and waited for your jungler to come. At this point you have no excuse for doing bad and the jungler has no excuse for flaming you either. Never rush your jungler to gank, for the record the jg does not have to help you in anyway shape or form, they can leave your lane and never come to help you if he wants to and believe it or not, is doing nothing wrong, this is what you need to know. Warn them before hand and if they flame you just tell them you had warned them and politely ask for a gank, if the jg is an asshole and says no even though Yasuo has no SS and is farming under your second turret than there is nothing he can blame you for. Cyber Bullying is a myth, only people who seek attention says it's real
1. Thank you for telling me about the region. I didn't even see OCE in the link, haha. 2. Cyberbullying is not a myth. It's a very real thing. 3. I played very passively and farmed under turret just about the entire time, but the Yas didn't hesitate to dive. 4. I never said it was the jungler that flamed me. Though, it was the jungler and the support. Thanks for your response, hun. :)
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