: Hey Seth, Great to hear you love the content! I agree the Dashs Pulses and Trevors of this world are awesome and I really love working with them. Hopefully one day I will get to meet you and we can hang out. We generally tweet all openings out from personal and the RiotOceania Twitter as well as posting them on the web. Keep on trucking dude life is hard at times but awesome at times and always here to help when I can. <3 till next time!
As always, I'll stay up to date on ya Twitter and SC. Talk soon brother!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: We're not going to have this conversation again are we? Oh boy. Pineapple does not belong on Pizza as I do not like Pineapple yet I do like Pizza. Simple really!
belquin (OCE)
: Ask Me Anything - OPL Casting Team
Jake! I was going to post a thing asking about how to start casting but I thought better of it. Then I read some other posts and I just want to reiterate (if I haven't enough through SC/Twitter); Jake, you're stellar. You and Quickshot and Pulse and Dash are the reason I practice casting and have had such an exponential interest in the career as of December 2015 when I visited LA for All-Star. I still haven't gotten to meet you yet, but as soon as there is ANY opening in the Austrailia office (caster or not), I'm applying. Europe and LA are on my list too, I just want to be involved with Riot in any way, and work my way up. AUS has always been on my list of want-to-live places. : ) You, and the rest of the global casting team, have been there for me through some difficult times, and I want to give back. Not just to y'all, but to my fellow players as well, in the form of awesome analysis and in-depth data explanation. You push me to do that. Every snap is evidence of that! Stoked for the rest of the 2017 season, and let us know on twitter if there ARE any openings to look for! Seth Stout
: Sin Gaming vs Dire Wolves - Tonight at 7pm AEDT


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