: I'm honour 5 since the honour system changed (never been demoted in honour except end of season), unranked 4 lyf (only play ARAM). You guys need something more in your life, if this is what troubles you. Instead of complaining that you being an asshat ingame got you down to level 0, just behave better. I was awful back in season 2 on NA, I know that. I reformed and the worst I've had since was a 5 game leaver buster penalty (just a few minutes extra queue time). I think all you guys (not the coloured posters) are being quite unreasonable. You can't be a dick and then request a medal for it.
Uh, did you read anything I wrote? You might have accidentally posted this on the wrong thread.
: Borders are a ranked reward. Being below honour 2 makes you ineligible for *all* ranked rewards. You don't have to be Honour 5, which takes a large chunk of the season because it's meant to be a season long accomplishment (honour is about consistency). You do have to be Honour 2. I'm not sure what more I can say. It's essentially about rewarding positive (or at least neutral) play, and not encouraging negativity. Loss of ranked rewards is a heavy blow for a lot of players, and that's pretty much the point. If you struggle with your behaviour, mute all and move your chat off screen, consider using a program to unbind your enter key while you are in game.
I know you don't have to be honour 5, and like I said I don't struggle with my behaviour, I'm reformed, thanks for your useless response though chief :)
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: Am i really this bad
play champs that aren't complete shit
: You should have received at least the minimum of 810 BE, if this is not the case then there was an error and you should submit a support ticket to have it rectified.
dude, 810? 810 fucking BE? for playing 20 games, dude? 20 games? they average 30 minutes a game, that's 10 fucking hours man! what, okay, I guess I'll get the new champ that comes out in like 70 hours of gameplay, ok, that seems worth to me.
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