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Canc (OCE)
: i thought they are releasing one for all next patch... so unless you are talking about pbe
i think people in NA can already play it...
: Yeah they know what champions you play often, and do the deals on that. Targeted sales for a reason lol.
i call bullshit none of the champions on either of my accounts i play yet again the shop is bs
Gehirn (OCE)
: ARAM’s Unofficial (Read: Accidental) Never-ending Sale Comes to an...End
: I will admit to not having played her yet, but from what I have seen of my friend playing her, she seems like a really fun and unique edition to the game! I like her lore, but it does annoy me that it's just a re-spray of Kassadin's old lore, and Kassadins new lore is severely lacklustre because of it. Thats my only issue with her. And yes, I have come very close to leaving something in my pants when I assumed I was in the clear from a mid lane fight, and suddenly a vicious void woman leaps across the lane from the fog of war and leaves me with a grey screen. From what I've seen so far, I think her invisibility is great, it is a nice balance between a neat piece of utility for a marksman _(something that marksmen due to class requirements, often lack)_, thus offering a fresh playstyle with new toys for ADC players, but lacks the frustrating _"Where is she?.. Oh! over there!... Where is she... Oh! over.. oh wait I'm dead."_ gameplay that Vayne is known for. She gets to be mobile without being too frustrating to fight, and she gets access to high damage, without 1-hitting everything that comes too close. Well done Riot.
shes better jg imo
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